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We just launched this JavaScript sheet-music player at Soundslice. It’s done entirely in JavaScript/HTML5. Lots of crazy stuff in there like tempo-shifting, automatic generation of synthetic sound, dynamic sheet-music rendering, syncing, etc.

Here’s a demo video I made that shows off some of the features: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq1go7Ld1Q4


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    This is remarkable. I came across your site a while back when you wrote In defense of canvas (recommended reading for others browsing the thread). I still am impressed with the performance of this site.

    I’m curious: is there an underlying framework you use to handle UI controls and events?

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      Thanks! Nope, we are using zero underlying frameworks for UI or JavaScript. Even jQuery is too slow for our purposes. Everything is our own. :-)

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      I don’t play guitar, but you can be very proud of your app. This is amazing!

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        Really like this. My dad is a long time user of ‘band in a box’ that has had this feature for a decade-ish. But yours is so much nicer and in a browser. Excellent work, I’ve been following your work for a while now.

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          As someone who likes music but knows virtually nothing about it, I’m blown away.The first thing I wanted to do was adjust the speed of playback, and 2 seconds later I realized it was already available. Nice.

          I can’t help but think that this would be utterly amazing for someone who wanted to learn how to read sheet music. (But I don’t know enough to say that with confidence. It just seems like it from an outsider’s perspective.)

          Really impressed.

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            This is killer. Even just a few months ago I was working on transcribing some stuff I wrote and was fighting hard against crappy tools, and eventually just did it by hand (which always leaves me wondering if I did it right). This looks like a much nicer tool than what I’ve tried, even from the few second I’ve futzed with it so far.

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              Very cool. The only feedback I have is that it was not obvious that the screenshot at the top of http://www.soundslice.com/ is not a screenshot but is a live demo. My mouse pointer was in the middle of the page and when I scrolled to where the player was under my cursor, the scrolling slowed down which let me know it wasn’t just an image. Maybe some kind of big arrow pointing to the play button that says “click me” or something?

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                Thanks – we’re heard that feedback from another person as well. We’ll try to come up with some more obvious (but not gaudy) affordance there.