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Just released the website today. Looking for feedback.


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    Very interesting. It looks like in the “Top” view, you just show all the front page HN posts first, followed by all the front page Lobste.rs posts, and finally all the front page /r/programming posts. Have you considered how best to interleave them based on popularity? I would suggest you give each story a normalized score based on the cumulative score of everything on the front page. That is, for an HN story, the score would be

    {Score on HN} / {Cumulative Score of all HN Posts}

    Then something similar for Lobsters and Proggit. That way, the Lobsters posts wouldn’t all drift to the bottom because of the site’s lower readership.

    Also, as mentioned in the “What are you working on?” post, links to the comment sections would be nice.

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      I will definitely work on this! Thank you for your input.

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        I’d balance the relative scores between the sites. Like if something gets a +20 on lobste.rs then it would be like +500 on hnews or proggit.

        Links to the discussions would be nice.

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          That’s why I suggested normalizing based on the total number of points for each site.

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          I really like hckrnews.com’s filtering of top 20 or top 50% by day. It gives me a quick digest of what’s popular rather than wading through Hacker News' front page.

          Lobste.rs doesn’t have enough traffic to warrant the same filtering though.

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          IMO it works best when you uncheck “Hacker News” and “r/programming”

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            Very cool! Having a link the the comment sections would be even more awesome.

            Edit: Oh I’ve checked on Github and there’s already an issue about this feature. Nevermind then :)

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              Yup! I will definitely try to let people know once I’ve updated the site with all their issues closed!

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              Thanks everyone, this has been really helpful and encouraging.

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                Is it possible to up/downvote through your site?

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                  No, it is not.