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    This talk makes Haskell look pretty terrible when all it takes on any machine is:

    curl -sSL https://get.haskellstack.org/ | sh && stack setup && stack new example

    I love Haskell but many people in the community really love to overcomplicate everything and make it look as intimidating as possible. He eventually gets to the different parts of the above but the impression you would be left with is that it’s complicated instead of trivial.

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      I don’t understand the argument. I don’t think Gabriel is over-complicating anything here. Quite the opposite:

      He started out by just creating a directory with a Main.hs file and explicitly mentioning that for very simple programs and scripts, you can get away without creating an actual package and just use ghc directly to build it. He then shows how you can turn your directory into a simple package by adding a minimal *.cabal file, and now you can specify dependencies and use cabal build to build your package. Finally, he introduces stack, and explains the conveniences it would give you.

      IMHO giving this step-by-step explanation is more helpful to a beginner, than diving right into stack new my_proj. I personally would’ve been more intimidated by the amount of “unnecessary” boilerplate stack new generates, than manually creating 2 files and typing out a few lines myself; when all I want to do (as a starter) is start writing my Hello World.