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    I don’t often send patches vja email but I found the following hesitation odd:

    Mailing list workflows always felt intimidating because if you make a mistake, you are annoying a whole bunch of people by publishing your mistake to their inboxes

    It seems this is true whenever you send a patch out for review no matter if it is mailing list or web forge. Like every form of communication you should take care of the recievers time but at the end of that day the goal is to send the patch to readers.

    I also found the GitHub-based patch bot is interesting. While part of the benefit is the familiar workflow it seems like a lot of the benefit is that you have a bit of a staging area with both automated checks and helpful people expecting first-timers and helping them.

    It makes me wonder if something could be done similarly for a mailing-list flow as well. A separate list that is more focused on helping those who are not as confident for a pre-review.

    Of course the next question here is why isn’t the main list this friendly? Is it that some subscribers are overloaded and maybe a single list for all patches and other discussions is too much for the scale of git? (For example I believe that many Linux subsystems do a lot of their work in separate lists, there is basically a tree of merging to get into the mainline) Or is it simply that there is a bit of an attitude problem and some people need to be reminded that everyone has a first time and everyone makes mistakes?