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    We find that Apple itself engages in some forms of tracking and exempts invasive data practices like first-party tracking and credit scoring from its new rules, and that the new Privacy Nutrition Labels were often inaccurate.

    While I’m not surprised I’m still disappointed.

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      They tracking that they’re doing is things like the seemingly required credit checks necessary for handling CC#, and the actual store identity. At least that is my reading of the paper. I can’t see how the basic concept of an Apple ID can function if apple themselves are unable to make use of it.

      I went into this expecting some underhanded behaviour from Apple, but from my reading the content tracked is all stuff they go over in vastly more detail than the basic high level overview required for other services, and a reasonable bulk of it can be opt outed.

      Some of the things they argue are “nefarious” and unfair are apple tracking your purchases with your Apple ID. How would they expect it to work otherwise?