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    I agree there’s a lot of bullshit that could probably work as well being a web page, but the article seems to focus exclusively on the category of apps that everyone wants to use. Comparing to Facebook, which weighs in at a billion users, even 0.1% of that is a million. There are plenty of niche markets which would be well served by a $1 app. Times a million users, that’s a nice deal.

    Some of the less popular apps I use, which I suppose could be web sites, but which work slightly better as apps, include Starbucks, half a dozen banks, half a dozen airlines, etc.

    I’m not sure if the target audience is people looking to make a business out of apps, or people looking to augment their business with an app. It seems to aim somewhere between, but a focus or clarification one way or the other would help.

    For instance, Netflix is a fairly popular, but I doubt they care very much how discoverable their app is. How many people stumble upon the app in the most popular list and sign up? (The HBO app is an even better example.)