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I made this small C library for test-driven development. I don’t consider myself a C expert so I’m releasing this with the hopes that folks will make recommendations for features I didn’t think of, or peruse the source code and let me know about mistakes I’ve made.

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      Nice! Really like the minimalist approach of it.

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        I’m certainly aiming for a minimal front-end. As I write new features, I try to hold to a quote I once heard: “if it needs a manual to work, it’s not ready for production”. Obviously there are exceptions to this, but the spirit of the saying is that features should be as intuitive as possible. So I’m comfortable with the backend code getting sophisticated (and ideally not complicated) as long as writing the tests remains straightforward. I measure straightforwardness by how easy it is to explain a new feature using an example. If it’s difficult to explain using an example, it’s not ready

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      Should have an option to emit TAP

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        I’ll definitely look into that, thanks

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      Why do you have a AUTHORS() macro? Isn’t that why version control is for?

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        Yep, version control can provide that, but I didn’t want to rely on it being present. I think from a developer standpoint, it’s convenient to know then and there who wrote a particular test (compared to perusing a changelog to find who wrote it). I used this at work and that was my experience, at least.