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    “One question begged of Big Data has been – is anybody actually handling data big enough to merit a change to NoSQL architectures?”

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      I think part of the issue is that the volume (aka size) is only one of the 4 Vs. I would think that the velocity will end up having more of an impact on the architectures because of how some of the consensus algorithms end up working (well…velocity in combination with distribution (think transatlantic / transpacific) in combination with volume (larger clusters)).

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      Enjoyable article! One bother for me: “The jury is undecided over whether NoSQL will supplant the relational model.” Does anybody really think there’s much undecided here? It’s hard for me to conceive of a world in which non-relational would come to be the dominant model… unless most databases today are on the wrong model — and do any serious people believe that? (Honest question, I’m not a DB specialist.)