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    I enjoyed the talk and like the broad direction of his thinking.

    He’s just really sloppy with some dichotomies and conclusions, like “abandoning obsession with precision” disappointed me the most. Precision in expression is the greatest contribution of the computer age - programming a computer has enabled, rather than crippled many people’s abilities to understand abstract concepts, so it is certainly not something I’d want to water-down.

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      I finally found time to watch the Video. I found it really inspiring.

      I have a different understanding of the “obsession with precision” comment: Often when interacting with computers we are forced to make commitments that we are not ready to make. When drawing a line in a drawing program the line is not approximately somewhere, but at these precisely the pixels that your mouse was at. The uncertainty that comes with scale is usually lost. So when another user is looking at the document it is difficult to know whether the intention was to put the line exactly there or approximately. For thinking and communicating these different intentions have to be represented, which is not usually the case today.

      On a different note, many developers that I have encountered are reluctant to allow inconsistent representations, or have a very clear view of the consistency boundaries, and thus seem like to be obsessed with precision. Representing uncertainty in a way that isn’t cumbersome to interact with is quite difficult.