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    I’ve been thinking about how to construct a reliable channel for news over an unreliable medium–video.

    1. Newscaster Alice picks five trusted partners.
    2. Alice meets with the first partner in person. She opens an unused deck of cards, shuffles it sufficiently, and then carefully saws the deck in half so that it becomes two decks, each containing the identical sequence of cards. Alice keeps one half-deck, and the partner keeps the other. Alice repeats this process with the other four partners. Alice safeguards her five half-decks, and the partners safeguard theirs. Now she’s got five independent shared secrets.
    3. When Alice starts her newscast, she performs ‘Pokerware’ operations for each of her five half decks and reads the name of each partner followed by the Pokerware word that the process revealed.
    4. The rest of her newscast is digitally signed using a hash of the video stream of the authentication preamble. Or the secret words could be the key, right?
    5. Alice and her five partners must meet in person over again fairly regularly, both to renew their secret decks and to authenticate each other. (If Alice is captured, all five decks are compromised simultaneously… Poor Alice!)
    6. In the event that the newscaster fails to produce the secret words, only her five partners will know, so it is up to them to get the word out. Somehow?? This step could use some refinement.
    7. Somebody should check the signature of the news portion of the broadcast!

    Do any crypto crustaceans care to evaluate this ‘roll your own’ approach? (or shuffle your own, in this case… ?)

    Since this whole purpose of this scheme is to establish a modicum of trust between a broadcast journalist and their audience, I recommend that it start with actual physical mechanisms such as a deck of cards. [I think that] there are plenty of people who just flat out don’t trust digital tech, for reasons that are becoming painfully clear…

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      If you’re going to sign the video, what advantage does that scheme have over a regular key pair?

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        My last paragraph says it: this scheme is about providing a video transport method non-technical people (and technical people) can trust.

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      Education is the best, and really only, weapon we have.