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    Who is hiring? ask job

Since I may be aware of a couple of opportunities, I wondered whether a hiring thread was appropriate for fellow weekend lobsters… I’ll post below.

Apologies if this isn’t appropriate, it has been a couple of months since the last of these.

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    Seems good to me. Every couple months is probably about all that could be useful for our smallish community.

    And speaking more broadly about the job tag: it exists for businesses to promote job opportunities, and them posting openings is not spam. If you don’t want to see them, you should filter them out, not flag them for mod attention.

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      It could definitely be useful…provided we do a good job purging users that are just posting job opportunities. Recruiters and headhunters and people trying to hire will flock in to clog up threads.

      I really don’t think it’d benefit the community to have people joining just to shill and hire for their disruptive world-changing cryptocurrency for managing volume Plan9 licenses for cat flea collars.

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        If someone’s entire involvement with Lobsters is to post links to their stuff (jobs or otherwise), sooner or later they get a nudge from a mod (timing based mostly on flagging/complaints) that we’d appreciate them actually joining and interacting with the community instead of treating it as a link dump. Most have, one or two have expressed indignation at the suggestion that treating Lobsters as a marketing channel (and inviting coworkers as their accounts have been flagged so hard they can’t submit stories) is inappropriate behavior and left.

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          It’s evidently clear you are completely out of touch with how Plan 9 can be a driving force for disruptive change ;)

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        We are a small, fairly young, and very friendly software development business looking to fill 2 roles:

        • a consultant/freelance dev experienced with .NET / .netcore stack on Azure for a 1-2 month project making up some resource for a London client. Greenfield, web app, API, and SQL server. Start ASAP, should be able to do ~1 day/week in London, otherwise remote fine. Azure chops a bonus!

        • a mid-level ongoing dev. role as part of a very small team, .NET stack + Azure + whatever we choose next! Willing to learn and build up in the role. London / Bucks UK based, “mostly remote” very much an option. Looking to recruit by Jan 2019. Front-end skills a benefit.

        Feel free to pm me for more detail.

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          not sure if it’s appropriate to post that here, as I am happily employed, but the logo on your site looks quite pixelated even on my sub-full-hd resolution.

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            Yes, I should have mentioned, new site in the works… That one is currently a bit of a placeholder. Thanks!

            Others: we are young enough to still have a content-free, placeholder website… with a VR man on it, too ;)

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          Mozilla is hiring for lots of positions. Too many to list, even. Our intern positions for summer 2019 have also opened just recently. Among them are seven in various security functions.

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            “Senior Director of Corporate and Business Development”

            I like the sound of that one. Some potential there to generate new, revenue streams that transition Mozilla from a company tied to surveillance revenue and/or overly dependent on competitors.

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              changing revenue streams is currently being explored to some degree. People can already donate to the Mozilla foundation, pay for MDN or pay Mozilla to resell a ProtonVPN account (if they are into vpns).

              It’s not amazingly compelling from a “what do I get” perspective imho, but it’s good way to show support for the only competitive browser that doesn’t have to answer to shareholders. Mozilla is truly independent.

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                Exactly on that last point. It’s why I want them to go all in becoming the first, multinational, public-benefit, software company with huge portfolio of trustworthy services. They be a mix of paid with source and open source.

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              Are they all on-site only, or remote too?

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                Depends! Every team works a bit differently. Please see the individual job posts.

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              PromptWorks is hiring for development, design, project management roles in Philadelphia.

              Most projects are in Python, Ruby, Elixir, React, Vue, and/or React Native.

              All relevant details on our jobs page.

              Top 5 perks our employees love:

              • R&D time to learn new technologies, develop FOSS, community investment, etc.
              • Partially-paid leave of absence, including parental leave
              • Paid travel for speaking at & attending conferences
              • Team-building lunches, happy hours, and outings
              • Bike friendly office (shower and in-office bike parking)
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                Several of my peers at Arcadia.io’s Pittsburgh office are hiring.

                If you see “data ingestion pipeline” in any other job description, that’s my team. I’m building a pipeline right now for a start sometime later in Q1 next year on my team doing stuff in Scala, Groovy, Ruby, and Rust.

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                  I don’t suppose you’re looking for Remote engineers or sponsor Visas? Couldn’t find anything in the posting.

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                    We’d consider remote for someone who fits the position perfectly or is willing to move near Pittsburgh or Boston within a few months.

                    My team is actually “local remote”: we all live in the greater Pittsburgh area but only go into the office once a week. However, the other teams are the opposite: they work in the office daily but remotely one day per week.

                    We do visa sponsorship for the right candidate.

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                      Sounds good. I’ll give it a shot :-)

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                  We have a lot of open positions at Shopify mostly in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal).

                  We use Ruby/Rails but also Go, Python… Great work environment and good perks!

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                    Nice to see remote is a possibility (I am in Mission BC & don’t want to move to KW ;). A former colleague left where I’m at for Shopify.

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                    We are hiring Devs and QA Engineers (building test infrastructure) in the Northern Atlanta area (Office is in Kennesaw). Hit me up if you’re interested in working in F#.

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                      While not strictly hiring, we are looking for authors who want to write programming books. Specifically, authors who want to write about Golang, Rust, Elixir, and Python.

                      API docs often focus on too-thin of an area of responsibility and blog posts are scattered and of mixed quality. Our books are written for programmers trying to learn a new framework/language and we try to teach the practical wisdom that you would otherwise only learn on the job.

                      We split royalties 50/50 and help a ton with marketing. Our tooling is sane (markdown, git). And several of our authors have earned $50k+ in a year.

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                        Hi folks. I am hiring someone for my team at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHi). My team is building a “data platform” to improve how pediatric research is done at CHOP. This is a institute-wide program and we have a lot of internal support and funding being contributed. We put an emphasis on learning and applying methods and tech from both academia and industry since healthcare is like 10 years behind everything else.

                        For those curious about the tech we are currently using.. we are leveraging GCP managed services (although we will be going multi-cloud eventually) and standardizing on Kubernetes for deploying applications and other workloads. We are primarily a Go shop for backend services. Python and R are also very popular for more of the analytical workloads. For Web frontends we are using React and other familiar libraries in the ecosystem.

                        We are interested in people who can solve problems and learn to communicate effectively with nurses, physicians, and researchers. The tech is less important, but we try to standardize a bit to reduce the number of decisions we need to make. The domain is way more challenging than the tech at this point (healthcare is complex).

                        Here are a few links about CHOP, DBHi, and our department’s work on Github. The data platform called “Arcus” has a separate org on Github, but most of the repos are private right now. We open source nearly everything since most of our grant funding come from tax payor dollars.

                        Here is the formal job posting but if you have questions please just ask me.

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                          What does Arcus do?

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                            Arcus is being built to support both retrospective and prospective research. The former is research on existing data while prospective involves collection of new data from subjects (and thus requires recruitment and consent, etc.) In both cases, the most interesting and novel research involves questions that span multiple modalities like clinical, genetics, imaging, wearables, etc. However this is particularly hard to support without deliberate effort of creating effectively a graph of linked data for CHOP patients (and eventually broadening the scope to other external subjects).

                            So concretely, the first set of functionality we are building are “cohort discovery” interface that enables researchers to interactively build a course-grain research cohort very easily with a fallback to a data request team to handle edge cases. The second major bit is, given this cohort of subjects, what data are available about them? This is where the subject-level data index comes in spanning both datasets we extract (from our medical record) as well as research datasets that have been indexed. We will be showing the overlap between their cohort of interest and the datasets.

                            There is a whole host of interesting challenges in doing this, many of which are around privacy, security, and compliance. Various authorization requirements, etc. The data management and indexing is another fun one. I can describe anything in more detail if you want.

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                              Here is a public, but not advertised education landing page for the program. Very much a work in progress, but out education lead for the project has done a great job putting a lot of content together to help educate researchers on how to leverage the capabilities of Arcus (once developed). https://education.arcus.chop.edu

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                          Greenshades is hiring across quite a few positions. We do a lot of tax and payroll related software. Work at Greenshades in typically C#, SQL Server, or Angular. We’re a remote friendly company (I have coworkers in Texas, Missouri, and Florida), and it’s the best workplace I’ve been in.

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                            We are.

                            We crunch wind power and electricity market data, to manage the financial risk of running wind farms and contracting to buy their juice. We do R, Python, SQL, Javascript, to that end. PM me.

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                              My team at Neo4j is hiring (as are lots of other teams at Neo, see general listings).

                              We’re building a DBaaS, writing Kubernetes operators in Go and UIs in React with Python backends. Ad says London, but the team is made up of people from the UK, Scandinavia and Germany, plus me in the US.

                              Team is absolutely stellar, team lead and product lead is best I’ve worked with. Good pay, Scandinavian employment culture, lots of encouragement to do talks, fun technology, well written code.

                              Come hang out with us!

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                                “Scandinavian employment culture”

                                What’s that mean?

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                                My team - AWS Elastic Filesystem is hiring for software developers and system development engineers all the way up to directors of software development.

                                I absolutely love working here and if you enjoy big technical challenges in a super intense environment, I can recommend it without hesitation.

                                Please drop me a line if you end up applying,

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                                  We’re doing lots of cool things at endgame.com most things are listed as DC (arlington), SF, or Remote and we have software engineering and SRE roles. We do Go and Python on the backend, relatively up to date React on the frontend, but also have some OCaml, C/C++ and Rust in places. If you’re interested in what we do feel free to message me, I work in research but I try to annoy work with our engineering teams quite a bit.

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                                    We are looking for remote developers (worldwide):

                                    C/C++ developers to scale a proprietary chat server (IRC-like in some ways) Web frontend and backend (PHP, Rails, Javascript) Mobile devs (iOS and Android) Elixir developers to work on a new project and possibly migrate Rails stuff to in the future

                                    Anyone who knows a lot about audio/video streaming on the internet as well.

                                    I’m under a strict NDA and cannot reveal my employer unless we choose to interview you. Compensation is at the top of the industry, 100% guaranteed.

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                                      Can you tell your company that strict NDAs like this are hurting them? Point to this post if you need to.

                                      Like, I have experience with all but the mobile stuff you mentioned, but I have no idea if I’d want to apply since your company won’t let you talk about it.

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                                        How do you know it’s hurting them? They’re already reaching Lobsters-grade talent. Also, they could be in stealth mode and/or stepping on a patent minefield of some sort where secrecy helps them avoid losses that could either bankrupt them or keep them forever niche as a big player quickly gets parity. Who knows.

                                        The last sentence is the lure that will make it worth looking into for talented individuals who can live with the NDA.

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                                          No, we as workers gain nothing from NDAs. They do not benefit us. They do not help us. We should fight them and speak out every time there is an opportunity to do so.

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                                            I’m sorry, but I can only say so much for a very good reason. I should have given more details, though: our sites are in the Alexa Top 1000, we aren’t VC funded or a startup, and money is not a barrier to anything for us. Our challenges are extremely interesting in a part of the industry most people don’t get to see behind the curtain of. We operate at a scale most people would only dream of.

                                            It’s entirely possible you wouldn’t be under an NDA, but I am, and I have to honor that. And I will gladly honor that because this opportunity is better than anything I thought I could get in my lifetime.

                                            We always find the right people. That’s not a worry for us. If you want to actually learn more, message me and send me a resume.

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                                              Is it adtech?

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                                                No, not adtech.

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                                              I agree they’re a bit worse for us and we should oppose them. Saying workers gain nothing goes too far: many gain a paycheck and interesting work they choose over non-NDA jobs. Either they’re dumb or found the employment gainful for their needs. I’m thinking the latter.

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                                        Galois is hiring a variety of Technical Team Members including: Software Engineers/Researchers, Project Leads, Cryptography and Secure Computation Researchers, Principal Computer Scientists and more!

                                        Galois develops technology to guarantee the trustworthiness of systems where failure is unacceptable. We apply cutting edge computer science and mathematics to advance the state of the art in software and hardware trustworthiness.

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                                          BlueVoyant: https://bluevoyant.applytojob.com/apply/uK6qnahkYJ/Data-Acquisition-Engineer?utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=google_jobs_apply

                                          The job description is not necessarily good. It’s a data engineering (including infrastructure) position to bring in data, which could grow to other things.

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                                            Rented.com is hiring. We’re a small fintech-ish startup with a fully remote development team, using a CLJS (Om) frontend with a Rails backend, and some other Rails stuff as well. I was the first developer hired and have been here for about 3.5 years. We’re looking for smart, motivated full-stack developers, ideally with an interest in functional programming (and a willingness to work with Rails). We’re small enough that we don’t have a hiring portal, but if you’re interested, shoot me a PM and I can connect you with the CTO.

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                                              We are. Please see here or message me directly!

                                              If you’re interested in information security, threat hunting, or reverse engineering that’s great. Python experience is a big plus.

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                                                Hi! Appcues makes software that delivers on a promise I can believe in. Our official mission is to help teams build products their users love, and our niche is letting growth teams build and iterate on user experience flows without heaping shitwork on the engineering team.

                                                The tech is built with ES6/7 (React mostly) on the web, Swift on the handset, and Elixir behind the curtain, with lots of persistence layers (DynamoDB, Postgres, Firebase, Redis, S3, Fastly, SQS, etc) and a heap of AWS and CloudFormation. We solve product problems, and we get to solve engineering problems on the way.

                                                We are around 70 people in Boston. Seventeen of us are engineers. We’re more of a “get shit done” office than a “Nerf gun war on Razor scooters” establishment. Open floor plan in a classic brick-and-hardwood warehouse, so it’s a volume war between customer calls and Cherry MX Blues. Good sunlight, abundant lunch options.

                                                The type of engineers who are most successful here are self-directed and want to own things.

                                                We’re looking for frontend, backend, and ops/automation engineers. Message me if you’d like to talk!

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                                                    If there is any fellow French lurking around (or anyone willing to work in Paris) :

                                                    I’m the current lead dev/sysops of a young company in Paris XIXème (profitable, not VC-funded) and we’re looking for people willing to work on Symfony and Vue.js (with bits of Go). If you know your way around a shell and the devops way of life (AWS, Terraform, Ansible) that’d be great.

                                                    The product is Dispatcher, a resource-management SaaS for public works.

                                                    If you want more info (in French).

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                                                      Redash is an open source BI tool for people who <3 SQL. We let you connect to your database(s), query your data, visualize and share it (dashboards, API, etc). Redash is fully open source with a SaaS offering.

                                                      We’re looking for our first Customer Success Manager. As a Customer Success Manager your focus is creating and maintaining friendly relationships with our customers around the globe, maintain our knowledge base and write content.

                                                      Due to the nature of our product we’re looking both for someone with strong communications skills but also some technical understanding. You don’t have to be an engineer, but you do need to be able to write some SQL and understand what’s the difference between MongoDB and MySQL.

                                                      You don’t have to come with all the knowledge, but you need to be able to learn.

                                                      Full details (and how to apply) here: https://discuss.redash.io/t/redash-is-hiring/2604

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                                                        YAM Management is hiring in Scottsdale, Arizona for a Node.js developer (using hapi.js) and an Angular developer (using AngularJS). We don’t do remote at this time.

                                                        The team is doing business intelligence, reporting, and general development for the 15+ companies in the YAMily. Challenging work, respectful work hours, and great benefits. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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                                                          We’ve got four openings at the moment. Probably most relevant for people here is our senior backend developer role. We’re a Python/Django shop and deploy docker containers on ElasticBeanstalk. All engineers are remote, by the way, and English is our working language even though the company is German. (Oh, by the way: 40 hour work weeks, and 40 paid holidays / year.)


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                                                            We’re hiring a full-stack web developer at Unbird: http://bit.ly/unbird_full-stack_web_developer.

                                                            Located in Utah, so if you’re looking for cheaper living next to the outdoors in a good tech scene, hit me up!

                                                            You can also apply here on AngelList: https://angel.co/l/2g2zEP

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                                                              Lots of exciting things happening at Sonrai Security and we are hiring! Want to come work with cutting edge technologies with a bunch of crazy innovative people?

                                                              Current Positions:

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                                                                Fox-IT, in the Netherlands, is hiring for more-or-less every role you’d expect a security company to have.

                                                                My department, Crypto, is looking for embedded developers and a couple unlisted positions including security specialists (consultants / sysadmins / …); for Crypto, you’ll need to have a Dutch passport. Other departments are also hiring, and do not always require fluent Dutch.