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    Can you add How To Retarget the GNU Toolchain in 21 Patches as a GNU Toolchain Resources? It’s the single best GNU Toolchain porting documentation I am aware of.

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      Wow, that’s a great resource indeed. Added it, thanks a lot!

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      Can you add something to the website on how to send patches to update the website it self? I would like to add MSVC resources for example :)

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        Yes @fcambus, if there is a way for others to send you patches or update the content like in a wiki – it would be great. Your list is useful as it kind of creates a quick overview of the tooling available.

        I would add JDK/Gradle toolchain. But would indicate that for, say NetBSD 9.x this toolchain does not work, unfortunately.

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        I was hoping for more resources on cross toolchains.

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          Thanks for your suggestions, I will try to review them this WE and add them to the site.

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