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The Russell Group is essentially the Ivy League of the UK. They play a very different spectrum of music though. The DJ’s also talk a lot more. Many of their streams are down. It’s hard for me to recommend any particular stream for you to listen to. I usually just flip through them. Haven’t found too many I really enjoy listening to. University College London was just playing some crazy Finnish underground hip hop a second ago. I don’t think I’d ever have been exposed to it if I weren’t listening to their stream just then. But now they’re playing Outkast, so… I don’t know. It’s a fun experiment. Does anyone know if any other countries have groups of elite Universities similar to the Ivy League? I’d love to index more collections of streams and add them to the network. University College London is now on Eastern European gangsta rap. But for all I know he could be saying “I love eat vegetable. And my grandma, yo. I ride bicycle. Through the park. It is nice in the sunshine, yes?”


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    to be fair that’s not the uk’s ivy league; that would be oxbridge.

    does it work? i’m using firefox on linux and i’ve disabled all blockers and i still don’t hear anything. many “players” seem to disappear completely. none seem to produce sound.

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      Thanks for the clarification.

      It should work, though roughly a third of the streams are down (all of the Ivy League streams are up, aside from Cornell’s). In terms of FF compatibility, they’re not working for me either (FreeBSD). I’m not sure why. Chrome, Opera, and IE load them just fine.