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    That’s wonderful news. Zig is one of the languages I keep an eye on, and I always contemplated on using it more seriously for web related experiments.

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      Came in handy for my bitwarden client. The “big” things like argon2, http, json, were all provided by std.

      Now if there were an easy and ubiquitous way to depend o zig libs, it wouldn’t matter so much if it’s in std. :)

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        You mean an automated way to retrieve dependencies? Like a package manager? If so, I believe that’s planned and in the very early stages of development. If you’ve been getting a kick out of Zig (and have more free time than I do 😅), you might even consider contributing!

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          Yes it was a poor veiled reference to that. :)

          I have contributed in the past and hope to be able to do more of it.