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I think I originally called the project tag project and not show because show doesn’t make sense as a category, but now that we have ask, I think project should be renamed to show.

Anyone agree or disagree?


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    I think it sounds good

    Related, is there a way to show approval besides an upvote (could also mean “question is worthwhile, but I don’t agree”) and a “+1” comment?

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      I think for meta discussions, “me too” or “+1” comments are okay.

      I hate adding more stuff to this software, but vote functionality like HN has might be useful.

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        A poor man’s version of this would be to post two comments, “Agree” and “Disagree” that people can vote on.

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      I think this makes sense. Does that mean we can edit those headlines to remove the Show Lobsters text?

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        Yes, I was going to add this to the story submission form:

        $(document).on("blur", "#story_title", function() {
          var m;
          if (m = $("#story_title").val().match(/^(show|ask) lobste\.?rs:? (.+)$/i)) {
            var ta = $("#story_tags_a").data("select2");
            if (ta.getVal().indexOf(m[1]) < 0)
              ta.addSelectedChoice({ id: m[1] });
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          I kinda like “Ask Lobsters” in the headline. I look at the title before I glance the tags.

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            Yeah, I’ve seen some people getting confused on the differences between HN’s “Show HN” and the lobste.rs “project” tag.