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    my preferred part:

    On the next page of the wizard, select the Web Application check box (1) and then select 3.0 from the Version list (2). (This is the version of the servlet specification to be supported.)

    … and then …

    Clear the Web Application check box. (This check box was selected automatically when you selected Application Server. Because we already have a separate module for developing the web interface, we don’t need web application development support in the module that we are creating.)

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      JavaEE can be hideously overcomplicated, and the argument that it’s really useful when you need to do distributed transactions or container managed persistence doesn’t necessarily hold water to me. Enterprises with good architecture don’t bother with 2 phase commit. (See starbucks doesn’t use two phase commit.

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        I now understand some guys have to be paid very well to write with that language :D

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          that is the best thing i’ve seen in about n years.

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            o.O was this published at the start of April, by any chance?

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              Not sure if you don’t know or just joking, but this is really how you setup a JEE app

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                Words fail me…

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              I stopped counting the number of wizards required to bootstrap this application, but after writing java as a profession for a number of years I’m guessing there were a half dozen. No java app is complete without some form of xml and at least a bean and some interface to implement. Fact or fiction, every java shop I’ve worked at does this :)