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    Neat! Compare Plan 9/Acme plumbing: [1], [2]

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      Very cool! I did this with custom link types, so PROJECT:1234 would link to ticket PROJECT-1234 in Jira. This looks even snoother!

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        I discovered this when I was working at a prior job, where we used Jira. I think I ran into issues when we had multiple ticket types (DEV-, OPS-…) with this, but it’s a few years ago and I haven’t my kept my company specific local settings. :(

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        Why are you setting bug-reference-bug-regexp and bug-reference-url-format per hook? Both are safe, so you could just add them to .dir-locals.el in the projects you need them. Here’s how the Emacs repository itself does it: https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs.git/tree/.dir-locals.el#n7

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          I generally do it like this for all my custom settings, I’m just lazy. And I currently only have one ticket system to jump into, so a .dir-locals.el isn’t very useful for my current needs.

          …but I will steal this tip for future uses. ^_^ Thanks!

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            That makes sense, but keep in mind that if you would use .dir-locals.el, any other project member could make use of this configuration, without having to configure anything.