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    Gopher is a pretty easy protocol to support. I wrote my own gopher server, and a gopher client is not much harder.

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      That’s what I like about it. Not many layers, not complex to implement.

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      I have written a semi-popular gopher client for Windows users:


      Feel free to check it out. :)

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        If you want to explore gopher, the popular Gemini browser Lagrange has support for the protocol.

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          Gopherus is a good multi-platform client. It notably works on many UNIX-likes and MS-DOS/clones.

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            UMN is University of Minnesota, not Michigan.

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              Thanks - I think I did edit this and fix it! But let me know if you’re still seeing it.

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              There’s so much depth to gopherspace. Glad you found your way there. I’d recommend phetch as another great client. Gophernicus is also a wonderful gopherd with active maintenance. I use motsognir myself on gopher.black. I hope you keep burrowing deeper. There’s a ton of content waiting for you.