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    Can anybody recommend a good drive & cartridges for SOHO use?

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      This is such welcome knowledge given what I know now about files and the (lack of) durability of traditional disk drives and SSDs after reading https://danluu.com/deconstruct-files/ last year.


      If we look at SSD datasheets … I think people are often surprised to find that it’s within spec for a drive to lose data three months after the data is written.

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        tape is very sensitive to humidity and temperature.

        Temperature: 16 °C to 25 °C (61 to 77F) Relative humidity: 20% to 50%.

        Data loss is quite possible, and real when something goes wrong with climate control in your data center.

        Its not exactly fair to say that take is more resilient than HDD storage, unless reliability of climate control is factored.

        Also, I still remember the LTO8 patent dispute when LTO8 tapes were impossible to obtain for years because the two vendors were suing each other and there was no competition to fill in the market.

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          I worked in the TV industry a few years ago. Our customers had to store a lot of TBs of their 1080p or 4K videos (sometimes, it was the super heavy raw footage as recorded by the camera). Tapes (LTOs, to be precise) was the only viable solution and it worked great and it’s very cheap compared to disks. For example, a HP 30TB LTO-8 cartridge is 180 EUR, which is 6 EUR/TB.

          However, this is for archiving only, not storing.

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            The Computer History Museum has a great IBM oral history series on tape. Starts here: https://youtu.be/gjSrexh4MPU (Warning: Session 1 is very exciting. Sessions 2-4 are easier listening.)