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    In security, one might use red for the sensitive one. Yet, that decreases inspection efficiency per this article. Maybe use red on the untrusted one to indicate it’s hostile. Or maybe just use regular labels on green boards. Might still use colors on the I/O connectors if it’s multiple boards in one package (eg case). Maybe traditional colors for Red/Black separation.

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      What I’ve seen is red is for “should not be released” prototypes, green is production, the rest… no idea, fashion?

      Though I would love pink solder mask with white silkscreen, very obvious and blatantly non standard.

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        there is definitely one small-run board maker out there that defaults to purple mask and it is sort of an entertaining tip-off when you see one for “yep, this is a small batch product”.

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          Heh yep https://oshpark.com boards are pretty noticeable for the purple PCB’s.

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          A lot of it is fashion, especially now that PC cases often have windows on them to allow people to check out your components.

          In my experience, entry level motherboards tend to be blue or green, with the colors getting more and more wild as you go up the price range into the more enthusiast models. Same with RAM.

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            Cheap, pocket games follow a Deadpool release. Uses pink and white on circuit board with unicorn sticker on inside of case.

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              I need to know where I can get small batch custom pink PCB’s, I don’t want to have to do my own solder masking so I can get all pink PCB’s, though one thing i’ve been toying with as an idea is finding a way to deposit copper on clear glass so i could have clear “PCB”s. I have a project that would be soooo cool if I could get things onto glass.

              I have found a 13 stage process that might get me there but it uses chemicals I’m not too keen on using anywhere in arms reach. :)