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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I’m working or continuing the development of LibreRead. It’s a Self-hosted browser-based e-book reader which supports PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CBZ and CBR formats.

    I launched the initial release 2 years ago and then for some personal reasons, I couldn’t be able to continue the project and as well - I didn’t renew the domain address https://libreread.org which was taken by some domain squatters after the expiry date.

    For the last few days, I was thinking about this project more and to my surprise, the domain address I mentioned was available and I registered/retrieved the ownership again.

    I put some detail on how this project evolved and some history in a brief on the README section here https://github.com/LibreRead/server

    Yesterday, I did some design and today I’m implementing it and going to continue this work further this week. I’m basically unemployed for the last 1 and 1/2 years, so I could be able to focus on this full-fledged now.

    That’s pretty much it. If you want to interact with me about this project apart from doing here, you could find my email address or Mastodon account in my website which is mentioned in my Lobsters profile page.

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      Thanks for sharing open-source ideas github. Keep us posted!

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        You are welcome! And sure, I’ll definitely post when I’ve implemented the features that I’m thinking and especially when I’m ready to provide scripts to upgrade to a newer versions of LibreRead. Thank you for your interest.

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      I’m working on a set of data recovery and management tools for Firefox profiles. So far, I have a largely working JSON library in lightweight C++.

      My initial attempt in Varyx (my own programming language) is able to recover data from a 6.5 MB decompressed sessionstore file, but, due to certain poorly scaling inefficiencies, takes too long to be practical. The new JSON library will also serve as a prototype for a redesign of Varyx’s object system.

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        Check https://github.com/nst/JSONTestSuite it is the most comprehensive. But there might be gaps. There is also Google that is running a fuzzer on open-source project where you can find small but interesting test-cases.

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        I made a little tool to show me where my mouse cursor is: https://github.com/yshui/wimp

        It was an interesting experience trying out Vulkan (through wgpu-rs) for the first time. Also binary produced by Rust is still alarmingly big.

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          • Enjoying time without any kids around for the first time since March.
          • Writing a blog post about building plugins for Eleventy.
          • Trying to power through my backlog of household tasks while I’m healthy and have the time
          • Publishing an Eleventy plugin
          • Brainstorming a new email notification project
          • Getting back to Prose for Programmers after far too long a break
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            Today, I finished some minor pending tasks on my GitHub repos.

            Tomorrow and day-after-tomorrow reserved for Wintersteel by Will Wight. It’s a progression fantasy series, think Naruto or Hunter x Hunter in book form, but fast paced most of the time without fillers. The first seven books are free during Oct 5/6/7.

            After that, planning to start Perl one-liners book.

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              Trying to figure out the best kind of wind shelter for our house, which gets exposed to very high winds (> 100 mph) somewhat frequently. I’m looking at modelling the house in Fusion 360, and trying to use a CFD tool like FlowSquare to do the modelling. I’m wary of drawing many conclusions, since I am a complete amateur, but my basic modelling of a big mound of dirt showed that we’d risk actually accelerating the wind into the top of the house if we didn’t get it right. So now it seems a permeable fence (like the kind they have at orchards) might be a good ~10 year stopgap while we wait for trees to grow.

              If anyone’s ever tried to model wind effects (or just add shelter to a property) I’d be interested in hearing about it!

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                Being sick apparently :(

                Sinus infections suck

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                  @work Manual testing for a release :-( We still haven’t automated everything…

                  @home Refactoring how I use GLFW in my OpenGL library. The new design is more modular and allows me to create multiple windows and multiple viewports in a single window, but it also breaks everything and requires a bunch of re-work. When I’m done with this refactor, I want to dig into shading language a bit more.

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                    This week I’m going to be writing an internal design document or RFC about the changes needed to our already existing monitoring setup for having a central location for aggregating metrics from all of our clusters/environments. There is also some work on making this single location (which is also going to be a Grafana instance) highly available and resilient against entire regions becoming unavailable. After I will have to coordinate some efforts from different teams that will require changes to their existing workflows and start the implementation of the solution, hopefully this week.

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                      For personal stuff, I plan on trying to work on my wife’s Ecommerce site some more. I picked up the basics of Phoenix Live View, and I plan on using it to build a post editor for site announcements.

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                        $WORK: I am into the final steps to move the python 2.7 django 1.8 codebase, now python 3.7, django 2.2 into the clouds of AWS with elastic beanstalk (EB). AWS EB was much pain, but eventually I figured it.

                        $KROW: Once again, I have a great idea! More seriously, I published v0.3.0 of arew (not very interesting to the outside world except the performance of ccse). I am working on something like npm for arew.

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                          Going to have a video chat with a few of my tech friends, just to have fun and talk shop.

                          I’m also feeling myself “pulled” to this somewhat-inane project I started last week, ProceduralPerson. The idea is to build test people using procedural logic. These test people can then be used anywhere I need to add a bunch of random stuff into a database representing humans.

                          I also have some technical and theory stuff to put together in addition to the usual work. I don’t have much fun scheduled, sadly. The weekend should be much better.