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More ARM desktop Macs this time, it seems.

I might not be able to provide full commentary due to scheduling conflicts, but I’ll try my best.

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    • Stream start. (Again, may be lulls in when I can comment.)

    • Tim. Apple TV+. More TV. Apple’s funding it! And the critics like it! Trailers for movies funded by them.

    • Sports in TV+? Baseball. Friday Night.

    • iPhone. Green iPhone 13. Pro one is slightly different shade. Preorders Friday, Avail 18th. Silicon. A15 in… iPhone SE. Same chassis as the SE 2 it seems, no bezelless front. iPhone 13 sold more than projected?

    • Francesca. Recap on A15 and iOS 15, comparing with older models that someone buying an SE might consider. Dark, light, red colours. 5G. New camera? Or at least, old sensor with new ISP. Flaunting update lifecycles. 429$ base. Preorders Friday, 18th launch.

    • Tim. Recommended as a smol option or for new iPhone users. Now for iPad. iPad Air.

    • Angelina. Performance. M1 in iPad Air. 60% faster than A14 in previous model, 2x powerful graphics. Still faster than most PC laptops that are thicker. 500 nits true-tone, pretty nice panel. New front camera, 12MP ultrawide w/ centre stage. 5G, improved Type C connectivity. 2x fast; is this USB 3 now? Supports the keyboards and pencils. Reminder you can develop apps on iPad OS now. iMovie improvements. A lot of 100% recycled materials in many components. (Same for the SE too.) Promo video. Many new colours. Same price, $599. 64 or 256 configs, wi-fi/5G configs. Friday, March 18th like others.

    • Tim. Mac. Mostly everything is ARM now, and enables new possibilities.

    • John. More extreme performance. One more M1 family chip. M1 Ultra for desktops.

    • Johny. Performance, efficiency, UMA. Physical limitations with larger dies. One approach is two chips on the motherboard, but latency/BW/power are concerns. Starts with M1 Max, which was even more capable. A secret? Die-to-die interconnect to connect another M1 Max die with special packaging. UltraFusion is their cute name. Interposer with double density; 10k signals. 2.5TB/s low-latency between the two dies. 4x BW of leading multi-chip solution. Like a single chip to software, preserves UMA. 114B transistors, most in a PC. Higher bandwidth memory; 800 GB/s. 10x leading PC desktop. Double channels means 128 GB of RAM. 20 core CPU, 16 big, 4 little. 64-core GPU. 8x perf of M1. 32 neural, 22T ops/s. Twice the media engines for ProRes and friends. Performance per watt is preserved. Much better performance and efficiency of 10/16-core desktop CPUs. M1 Ultra seems to match the high-end GPUs on the market with much better efficiency. Not sure what they’re comparing to but I’m guessing maybe Alder Lake desktop chips and 3080/3090.

    • John. OS integration with hardware. Yes, you can run iOS apps. Desktops talking abo Macs live there.ut Ultra. Very much performance, especially for 3D. Where will they put it on it? Studio? They want more power than iMac and mini. Performance, connectivity, and modularity. Promo video. “Mac Studio”. Looks like a tall mini, Max or Ultra. “Studio Display”.

    • Colleen. Looks like two Type C and maybe SD on the front? Unibody, 7.7in by 2, 3.3in tall? Double-sided blower pulling air in across the circumference of the base. Guides air over the heatsinks and PSU. Rear exhaust with slow fans? Very quiet as a result. I/O. Rear has four TB4 ports. 10G Ethernet. Two Type A, HDMI, and high-impedience headphones. Wi-Fi 6 and BT. As mentioned, SD and two Type C on the front, TB4 on Ultra. Four displays over Type C and one over HDMI. Compared to 27” Intel iMac and Mac Pro… M1 Max version is 2.5X faster than the 27” iMac. 50% than Mac Pro in 16-core config in CPU. 3.4x faster graphics on maxed out 27” iMac. Outperforms W5700X by a lot. CPU w/ Ultra is 3.8x faster than maxed out iMac, 90% than maxed out Mac Pro. With the 28-core Pro, Ultra is 60% faster. Graphics is 4.5x faster the 27” iMac on Ultra, 80% more in W5700X comparison. UMA means more VRAM - 48GB on the current pro cards on the market, but 64/128 for Max/Ultra. 7.4GB/s SSD, up to 8 TB capacity. 18 streams of 8K ProRes 422. Scenarios it can be used for like real-time instrument DAWs, 3D rendering, particle simulations, massive environments, software development, 1000MP photo studios, video editing with real-time grading and multiple previews, etc… Of course, environment. Far more power efficient. Recycled materials.

    • Studio Display with Nicole. Features. Design. Narrow bezels, Al enclosure. Looks like the 21” iMac, just bigger. Tilt and adjustable stand w/ counterbalancing arm as an option. VESA adapter w/ rotation. 27” active area, 14.7M pixels, 218PPI. 5K Retina. 600 nits, P3 gamut, 1B colours. True tone. Anti-reflective coating. Nano-texture glass option for further anti-glare. A13 inside? For the camera and audio. 12MP ultrawide camera w/ centre stage, first on Mac. Three-mic array. Low noise floor. Six speaker sound system. Four force-cancelling woofers for bass. Two tweeters for mids and highs. Spatial audio, Atmos. Works with other devices. Three type C ports as a hub. Thunderbolt port for single-cable display and hub. 96W of power, for charging a laptop, even with fast charge. Connect three of them up to a laptop. Why not? Silver and black keyboard/mouse/trackpad options. Environment! Plug it into any Mac you want. And probably PCs too. Promo video showing the Studio dinguses in action. It’s SDXC!

    • John. $2000 base model - 32 GB, 512 GB? Ultra is 4000 and 64 GB of RAM and 1 TB SSD in base$. 1599$ base for display. Both can be ordered right now, ships 18th. Transition is nearly complete - Mac Pro is next, but that’s another day.

    • Tim. Recap. Fin.

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      Good grief. Looking forward to seeing some application benchmarks. What on earth is the Mac Pro going to be like?

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        I was hoping for a sequel from M1, as honestly single threaded performance still matters more for most things and short of higher clock from giant fan I don’t see that happening here

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          • Apple M1 Ne Plus Ultra
          • Apple M1X
          • Apple M1S
          • Apple M2
          • 2x Apple M1 Ultra == 4x M1 Max == 8x M1 == 2048x 68040 ==
          • Surprise! Rosetta 3! Apple Silicon P2 brings the shift to PowerPC! All of the architectures, just to spite the people who dared model macOS architecture decision as a boolean x86_64 or arm64!
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            Apple should move to pico 8 but extremely overclocked.

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          @calvin didn’t disappoint yet again. Thanks!

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            Mac Pro is next, but that’s another day.

            Definitely the thing that surprised me most in this presentation, I assumed the Mac Studio was the Mac Pro replacement - if they bring out a Mac Pro with, like, two M1 Ultras, I feel like there’d be very few people who could really even make use of that machine, it’d have 128 cores, up to 256GB RAM at 1.2TB/s throughput (boom), some stupid number of thunderbolt ports. like, what is anyone going to be able to do with all that power? It feels like more than you could need for even the highest end video editing workflows (how often are Hollywood studios using 10 8k streams of ProRes in a scene at any one time?).

            Also, I wonder how long it’ll be before someone starts shucking the Mac Studios into 1U rack, with maybe four of each inside. Could be very interesting to see if that would significantly improve energy usage for ARM workloads on high performance chips.

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              My take too. The only thing that seems missing from the Studio is expandability — maybe the Pro will be a Studio in a big case with (gasp) slots?

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                they still “need” a machine with real PCI-e expansion. Hopefully that’ll be the the mac pro. Check out NeilParfittMusic on youtube to see what I mean. He has a fully loaded cheese-grater Mac Pro.

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                  The stuff ashahi linux has been putting out suggests a max of two cpus receiving interrupts on a system.

                  I’d be surprised if two of them could really happen.

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                  Wait, what?

                  You can develop apps on iPadOS now?


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                    The Swift Playgrounds app supports developing and publish apps

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                  We will go to the doctor for you. We will sit in your standups for you. We will play with your kids for you.

                  We just want your commentary!

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                    Ok, at this point I’m just waiting which major game studio releases an AAA title with full M1 / MacOs support on day 1. I feel like with the powerful hardware is just a matter of time till EA or someone else tries to enter the market.

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                      M1 isn’t a contender for high-end gaming due to lack of RTX and DLSS. Due to lack of existing games nobody will buy a Mac primarily for gaming, which makes macOS userbase boxed as “casual”, and this market is already served well by iOS, consoles, and Switch.

                      On top of that due to Apple not caring about GPU support for anything except their proprietary Metal APIs, I don’t see macOS gaming happening beyond half-assed ports from iOS.

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                        On top of that due to Apple not caring about GPU support for anything except their proprietary Metal APIs, I don’t see macOS gaming happening beyond half-assed ports from iOS.

                        I think Metal is a red herring as to why Macs don’t have games - outside AAA stuff, most games aren’t rawdogging the 3D API, but either using a commodity engine like Unreal or Unity, or are simple 2D or OpenGL stuff.

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                        A few good AAA games, if the developers and players each bought in, could make the platform look like it works for gaming, which might open the floodgates. But I still don’t see the economics working out for that at present, for any party. Gaming PCs have grown very expensive, so even if software permitted the chip’s benchmarks to be realized in game performance, Apple wouldn’t yet have a way to enter the market at the high end. And they’re not attempting to beat consoles at the low end except in casual iOS games. At best, a player gets a Mac because they like Macs and then it’s great if it can play games too. The difference we’d look for is if players start buying a Mac first and foremost for high end games.

                        Apple could attempt to kickstart the high end by directly engaging developers of the most popular and benchmark-worthy PC games and engines. A few of them have their own app stores, though, which could be another obstacle.

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                          That’s why I was thinking of EA. It doesn’t have to be “core gamer” crowd. The target could be the standard Mac crowd who gets access to FIFA/Madden/whatever. Not quite the extreme requirements stuff.

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                          A Mac that isn’t a Mini or a Pro would be very interesting to me. Also, a reasonable monitor.

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                            So are you happy with the announcement?

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                            It looked like there were fans in the display. Surely not?

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                              There are fans in the pro display, so it’s possible there are fans in the studio display, or maybe the grilles are really just for the speakers.

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                                They did look like impeller fans rather than grilles (it was the video of the internal view) - video here https://www.apple.com/apple-events/march-2022/ at 49:46

                                I don’t think I’ll be buying one but it’s just a surprise to see fans in a monitor!

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