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    So far, not sure I see any advantages over Chrome or Safari (though the way it handles multiple tabs is better than Chrome). No keyboard shortcuts, which is a shame, since I’m often using my (awesome) Logitech keyboard for my iPad. It’s a nice first release, so hope they find some ways to differentiate.

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      Three things they could do that wool immediately make them stand out more from Chrome and Safari:

      • Integrate with 1Password
      • Support extensions
      • Allow any type of meaningful on-device dev tools

      That said, even having my tabs synced is quite nice.

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        There’s actually no need to integrate 1Password, they just need to fix this bug which would allow all installed action extensions to show up, like 1Password does in the official Safari app.

        As for 3rd party extensions, that will never happen due to restrictions on iOS. Extensions would either have to be shipped with the app (Dolphin Browser style) or have limited interaction through the standard action extensions that come from other, independent iOS apps like 1P.

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          Allow any type of meaningful on-device dev tools

          What sort of tools are you thinking of here? When you say “on-device”, you’d like the UI of the tools on the device’s screen (which could be tricky on a phone), or you want to debug iOS from a desktop / laptop?