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    Nice piece of software, @mort.

    Do you feel the usability is anywhere close to that of appletv?

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      The usability question is an interesting one. I’ve mostly been the person preparing movies on the TV anyways, and since I obviously know how to use my software, it has let me have a movie ready seconds after we’ve decided what to watch, instead of 15-30 minutes, so for my family, it has certainly been a usability improvement.

      If someone else was to use it, it’s harder to say. On one hand, the Apple TV is rather simple to use, but on the other hand, the computer runs Linux with XFCE, so it’s pretty similar to what people are already familiar with, and the desktop has shortcuts to Netflix and YouTube, as well as Chrome. I also think the concept of remote desktop is pretty intuitive, especially when it’s in a webpage instead of a native app, and you can see the display you’re remoting to right in front of you.

      If someone doesn’t haven’t used torrents, using the media streamer part of it will probably be challenging, but considering it does something which is literally impossible to do on the Apple TV, I don’t know if you can really compare them. I also think someone who has used torrents and know how to obtain them and such will have no issue with that part.

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        I addressed that in the last paragraph. I know it can play existing media in a media connection. However, we generally don’t know what we want to watch until right before we watch it.