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      Are there any well-known open source .NET apps (CLI or GUI) that run on Linux?

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        Back when Gnome + Mono was a thing lots of interesting stuff was born, eg. Beagle.

        Suse was actively developing nice user facing tools in mono at astonishing pace, then C# fell from favour because of politocs, most stuff was half rewritten in C++/Python/JavaScript, usually in lower quality/featureset.

        Since then I find Gnome worse with every release, but that has not so much to do with .NET support.

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          I was using keepass on my windows desktop. When my machine started to die I was pleasantly surprised to find my keepass database worked on debian.

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        There are a few Mono apps from back when the Gnome project was kind of adopting Mono as their standard runtime for apps. Two that come to mind are Tomboy (notes app) and Banshee (music player).

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        Jellyfin media server (FOSS fork of Emby and alternative to Plex) runs on dotnet.

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        If anything should work on Linux, it should be F#, but here’s a tweet from yesterday from the author of an F# course bemoaning the difficulty he is having getting his course to seamlessly work.


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          It works fine for me on Fedora. As the comments suggest, it may be related to snap.

          Ionode is buggy sometimes, but so is Visual Studiofor F#.Both are steadily getting better.

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        PowerShell for one, but it’s fairly recent that .NET Core got Linux support, so I doubt there are many large projects around yet. Most likely any really large open source projects in the coming years will come from Microsoft open sourcing their own products.

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        There may be some, but I have been waiting for a bit more maturity in the .Net Core, .Net 5 (and now .Net 6) ecosystems before diving in. A year ago, I was reading a lot of stories about cross platform issues in core and I had my own painful experience setting up .Net Core with Asp.net.

        I’m actually quite surprised how quickly there is now a .Net 6 version coming out.