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The eBook that I’ve been working on to teach people how to write OpenSCAD code to build and design 3D models


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    You can download OpenSCAD for free from its website. Free documentation exists, such as the official User Manual and Makerbot’s OpenSCAD Tutorials.

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      I like OpenSCAD’s approach to building 3D models.

      A table of contents would be useful.

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        The web page has a section “Get a free sample” purporting to offer sample chapters, but the link seems to be missing.

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          Where is the link missing? I’d like to fix it if that’s the case.

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            Oh, Adblock Plus was blocking the embedded MailChimp form where you enter your email. The list that blocks it is Fanboy’s Annoyance List.

            That email form kind of scares me away by the way its button says “Subscribe”. The text next to it implies I will just get sample chapters, so “Subscribe” looks like you’re trying to trick me into getting a spammy newsletter along with it, and hoping I won’t notice what the button says. You should either change “Subscribe” to “Send Sample Chapters” if you don’t send any other emails, or you should describe nearby what kinds of other emails you might send.

            If you end up describing the emails you send, like “fill in your email on the right to get the sample chapters, and also hear about [whatever emails you will send]”, this would also solve the blocked-ad problem. I would see the text, think “something’s wrong”, and try disabling Adblock Plus (like I did when I read your Lobsters reply).

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          It just seems like a poorly written ad. The concept is not terribly enticing, half of the books content is what I already know and the samples shown are trivial, the kind of thing I think povray could render without breaking a sweat.

          I am unconvinced that OpenSCAD would be terribly useful to create complex objects compared to well designed 3d editors.

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            What makes you think that OpenSCAD is not well designed?

            OpenSCAD is the best open source CAD software I have come across - and for me it had a low barrier of entry as you program the shapes you want to create.

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              I did not say it was not well designed.