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      I really wish Firefox would pull a Google and maintain YUM and APT repositories for the current version of Firefox. Various Linux distributions (e.g. Debian and RHEL) only ship Firefox ESR. If you want to run newer versions of Firefox, you have to download a tarball and untar it and plop it somewhere and write your own .desktop files and what-have-you. Not impossible, but not nearly as nice as Chrome, which just hooks into your distro’s package manager on the more common distros.

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        Be careful; you might have people propose Flatpak or AppImage builds of Firefox.

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          Flatpaks exist, and work wonderfully

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      Is this just about getting a consistent release cycle? Or is there some other reason for a 4 week cadence? Surely the web doesn’t move THAT fast?

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        There are various reasons in the blog post, but being a bit more consistent is one of them, yeah.