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    12 short sentences of consumer news is probably a better fit on other sites. A more in-depth analysis with information on how this changes development practices, how devs can target new platforms, or even what CVEs are not going to get covered would be better–this short article is basically clickbait for the next hysterical news cycle.

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      I worked at a company that produced very expensive information security hardware that is/was deployed throughout the DoD and various government and military networks throughout the world.

      We were bought by a major corporation and our manufacturing was moved to China.

      Very shortly thereafter, a product came out from Huawei that was suspiciously similar to our product…right down to the same typos in documentation.

      Nothing could be done, according to our CEO who had already made his millions for “streamlining and reducing manufacturing costs.” (By the way, after the move of manufacturing to China, our DOA rate for hardware jumped from <1% to over 30% for almost a year. It got so bad we had to ship every box to our office here to do a smoke test before shipping them on to the customer. We would get devices without motherboards, devices with solder splashes, devices that didn’t have screws holding the case on…)

      So yeah, I disagree (strongly) with the current United States presidential administration on just about every single thing, save this.

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        Kicking your CEO hard might help, but this move is foolish in the extreme……

        The way I read this, Google has just abdicated the rule of the Android ecosystem to China.

        Since most phones are not made in the US… every other phone manufacturer will be saying, OK, what’s stopping us being next?


        So Huawei has the size and scale to come up with a competitor OS and App store.

        And whether it exceeds Google Android or not, handset manufacturers will skip to Huawei’s offering in a heartbeat if Huawei has the sense to offer a safer and comparable (or sweeter deal).

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        Better information: https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/19/18631558/google-huawei-android-suspension

        Speaking to Reuters, a Google spokesperson confirmed that “Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices.”

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          I suppose the possible upshot of this is some new adoption and support of F-Droid. I’ll admit that some of my small app teams have been fighting mightily to keep up with GOOG’s new release criteria for the Play store, so they really aren’t making any friends amongst devs lately, either.

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            Is it valid for ALL MARKETS or only US and Google subsidiaries in EU can overpass this?

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              What percentage of headsets in use globally are Huawei devices?

              Isn’t this damaging to Google, specifically does not it represent a drop in Google’s mobile OS share?

              Will Huawei be forced to replace all those Official Google Android-only services like enhanced location and push notifications? Will other companies see less value in those services since it has now been demonstrated that Google can pull the plug? (I told you so!)

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                yes because withholding updates definitely isn’t going to adversely affect national security. This is very dumb, and google is dumb for doing this. People aren’t going to just stop using their phone because google decided to stop updates, they’ll just be using a phone that doesn’t get updated.

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                  Google was forced to do this by the US government.

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                    woof, thanks for the heads up. ALSO DUMB.

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                  This fake cold war is starting to get out of hand. Patriot Act 2 coming soon, sounds like.

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                      ..uh, so thinkin google inc are hypocrits by doing this while they track all the world themselves and are obliged by us law to give info to the government makes me a troll?

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                        No, it’s because your original comment did not contain any content. (Also, that should have been “me-too” - see the list of flags).

                        Try to contribute content that isn’t me-too agreement. An explanation of more than one word would’ve helped.