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    Not often I come across a type of computer and an OS that I have never ever heard of before! Worth a read.

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      AMOS is also one of a few operating systems (in fact, I struggle to think of any, though there probably are some) that effectively runs the 68K CPU in little endian mode. The CPU is still big-endian internally but the bus lines are swapped […]

      Why do you do this to me Cameron? Big endian x86 was bad enough.

      In all seriousness, great hack! I wish others would do the same for other minicomputer platforms…

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        Seriously, though, can you think of any “little endian” 68K operating systems? I couldn’t!

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        These are cool systems. I like that they were multiuser business workhorses.

        The little endian hack is crazy tho.

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          This is a great article. Informative, full of tinkering and old hardware. I love it.