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      I always use multibase encoded multihashes for any new project using hashes

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        Yes, I started to do this too now.

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      Doesn’t this mean anyone can downgrade a blob to an attackable hash function? That’s a flaw that has come up multiple times over the years in multiple protocols that allowed things like hash functions to be specified in the payload.

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        Not on its own, though you could use a library like this to build such a system.

        This kind of thing is extremely useful in practice for incrementally upgrading from a hash that’s no longer good enough, provided you don’t keep compatibility around indefinitely

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      The table is just an exhaustive in-order list with no organization, and various types of “things” interleaved. ISO OIDs can get silly, sure, but I think you want some sort of organization here, with a separate namespace for hashes, otherwise you’re just living out the xkcd “standards” joke.

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      For anyone looking for a good Python implementation, I recently discovered https://github.com/hashberg-io/multiformats and couldn’t be happier.