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    Another victim of the procedurally generated meme.

    It’s tempting to use procedural generation to generate a huge world but then your content-to-world ratio ends up being low and the game not fun. It works for sandbox games because you want an empty canvas for you to work on anyway but a story driven game can not be made to work in a large generated world.

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      What if it being procedurally-generated was a plot element like in movie Thirteenth Floor? Or they thought they were in a boring simulation they had go break out of like The Matrix?

      I think it’s possible that procedural generation could work in some story-driven games.

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        I think it’s possible, but it’s hard. Just like making a (well written) story-driven “open world” game. It may not be worth it to game studios (or it may be hard to find qualified people).

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      That gif comparing 2007 to 2017 is ridiculous.

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        Looks like a giant downgrade. Also, looks like scenes in movies where a normal character that’s a robot (or crazy human) starts losing their shit. They end up a watered-down, emotionless, repetitive-looking version of themselves.

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        A self-admittedly, buggy, rushed game with bad story and broken animations was going to get 8/10 to 8.5/10, but because people on the internet made GIFs of it, it only got 7/10, and that’s the difference between it getting a sequel or not. Okay.