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    Everyone at d2k17 is laughing right now :)

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      they stopped laughing and asked for more alcohol

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        Everyone might be laughing,but this hack would make it possible for me to run OpenBSD for work.

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          What’s the point if you’re running everything in a Linux VM?

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            I run only the Linux bits I need in a bhyve VM on HardenedBSD on my work laptop. Doing so allows me to run the OS I love while virtualizing only the bits I need for $WORK.

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              Well, you don’t have to run everything in the VM.

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        This is a cool writeup, but honestly this is not “Docker on OpenBSD” – it’s Docker running on a Linux VM on OpenBSD, the same as a Linux VM running on any other hypervisor.

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          This is also how Docker runs on Mac OS. So I’d consider it a valid solution to interoperating with other platforms that run Docker. Sure it’s nothing magical, but it’s nice to know that virtualization on OpenBSD has reached a point where, if Docker is a requirement for your job (or whatever), it no longer means you can’t run OpenBSD as your host OS.

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            They use xhyve to do the lifting, which is based on FreeBSD’s bhyve!

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            That’s why I tagged it Linux, OpenBSD and virtualization. Editorializing titles is against lobste.rs rules.

            Still I find the story interesting as it shows at what level vmm virtualization is at right now. Unlike Linux VM hypervisors, vmm is a very young codebase.

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            vmm can boot ISO images now! Great!

            (and, as others have pointed out, running docker inside a Linux VM is kinda cheating :P )