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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I’m going to work on implementing the times builtin for OSH (from the Oil project).


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      I’ve been working on some code to parse Toki Pona into machine data structures. I’m then going to be making a generalized model of a sentence that I can then recompile into Esperanto. I have a work-in-progress blog post draft here

      Otherwise I’m not really doing much. I have been trying to revitalize my old Surface 3 and use it as a generic dashboard for status on things. I should figure out how to wall-mount the thing.

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        I’m trying to distance myself a bit from programming in my free time. I’m already doing a lot of exhausting programming at work building the Map/Quest editor for our game and I don’t want to end up burnt out (although tonight I’ve been learning Racket through Beautiful Racket, can’t help myself :( ).

        Like this past weeks I’ll be focusing on:

        • Learning to draw using Drawabox
        • Learning to model in 3D with Blender using CGCookie
        • Continue learning Japanese using NihongoShark
        • Climbing, went rock climbing for the first time recently after some months bouldering in a climbing gym and my heights phobia destroyed my brain, need to put the sucker to sleep.
        • Want to introduce some yoga everyday at night with the Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube
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          Finally starting to read the SRE Workbook after months of putting it off.


          Building an Infinity Gauntlet with different lighting configurations and smart home features using an Arduino, some LEDs, and the shell of the Marvel Legend’s Infinity Gauntlet toy. I want to make it easy to reprogram and able to work on both battery power and be plugged in. Lots of soldering to do this week.

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            If a ‘snap’ gesture doesn’t randomly turn off half the things in the house, you will have disappointed a random internet guy with absolutely no stake in this.

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              Ha! That might be a version 2 project.

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            $work: I don’t want to talk about it.

            !$work: Smart home stuff. Got all the voice controllers set up (Echo and Google Home), converting over to Hass.io (the allure of a python API and a better dashboard experience over smartthings was what tipped me over) sometime this week, getting a personal weather station installed. Still need to figure out a good garden irrigation setup (most things are focused on lawn irrigation, which I absolutely do not care about, but it looks like I’ll have to figure out how to rig one to control the soaker systems I have already installed in the garden, that approach looks pretty expensive though so I’m hoping there is some simple middle ground I can find). Also looking into camera systems, but that’s a longer project that I’m going to fold into the overhaul of the homelab (not that what I have is really much of a homelab, more of a homepile-of-unrelated-machines-that-have-haphazardly-been-stacked-in-various-states-of-incompleteness).

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              Probably more code than usual this week. Lots of tiny changes to a big marketing engine, lots of tests for data transforms before they get deployed. Lots of coordinating with the team who uses the system.


              Have two large pots newly empty (lost plants to fungus) and didn’t want them taking up two pots worth of balcony space anymore. Over the weekend I cobbled together a two-tiered planter with some wood, but to rest it lower pot, in the soil, and I am concerned about rot (and more importantly a fungus growing in said rot). Buying some liquid rubber to waterproof the supports.

              Goal is for the upper pot to hold succulents and the bottom to hold vines that will grow up the supports toward the second pot and then dangle back down.


              Going to attempt recovery of an Intel RST-based drive mirror for a family member’s computer that had a failure. I have never attempted recovery of one of those from Linux, so we’ll see how it goes. I know that dmraid used to exist for this purpose, but haven’t checked in on it in at least 7 years.

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                Building satsear.ch, a blockchain search engine. Recently finished some development contracts so looking forward to getting back into something I’m passionate about (making cryptocurrency easy to use)

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                  At work I am slowly releasing all the tickets that broke our production site two weeks ago. I spent all week last week restoring production and all our lower environments (Staging and QA) - only lost about 7 orders too! not bad for a total catastrophe. Each ticket will get released one by one (should have done this in the first place). Ask me about how much I hate deploying Magento!

                  I will also be moving my VirtualBox environment to libvirt now that I got Vagrant and libvirt talking nice to each other.

                  Personal shit, working on learning more about the Zend framework and I have a Comedy-Baseball Podcast to record and edit.

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                    I hope we’ll manage to get the annoying project I’ve been working on for months into production, so that I can work on something more relaxing in august while most other people are on vacation (I’m taking mine in september).

                    I got annoyed at ATS’ compiler errors, so I wrote a dumb thing that parses its output and turns it into something similar to Rust’s, with code preview and colors and all that. I might also try to make sense of the actual messages and turn them into something more digestible later, but this week I’m only implementing colors.

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                      I need to finally get around to asking for letters of recommendation and looking for online/night master’s degree programs in computer science/bioinformatics. If anyone has any good recommendations for online computer science master’s programs or computer science focused bioinformatics programs please message me :)

                      If I need a break from that and other life responsibilities, I will keep on learning more about lambda calculus/functional programming/lisp derivatives.

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                        Working on some robots of the rover variety, not doing anything serious and mostly just having fun figuring out how to do things with them.

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                          I did an interview on the topic of Category Theory and need to polish it into a podcast episode this week.

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                            Trying to figure out how to improve our system performance by optimising our Elasticsearch queries (seems hard!), trying to add some caching to take load off the ES cluster, and/or changing the UI to not make so many requests.


                            Working on a little web app built with Sapper which so far has been a real pleasure to work with. I might re-write my blog into Sapper, because I don’t really like react-snap (it’s not statically rendered, generates slow page loads even on my simple site) whereas Sapper can easily statically render anything that doesn’t depend on browser-only JS features (like window).


                            I have a hillside covered in long grass that’s crying out for the line trimmer

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                              thanks for pointing out Sapper (and Svelte)! It’s nice to see lighter downloads, plus compiled HTML templates and with better updating support. It’s reminiscent of Google Closure Templates 10 years ago, but much, much better.

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                                Yeah there are some really nice bits in there. Coming from a few years working in React land I love that I have a single .svelte file that handles all the things I’d have to otherwise have to setup myself.

                                // whatever bits of JS this page or component needs
                                  <title>Usually I would have to setup react-helmet for this</title>
                                // Automatically scoped to the HTML in the page
                                <p>My HTML</p>

                                I don’t love the control flow blocks {#if} because it reminds me of handlebars, but I suppose they had to go with something. Fortunately there’s only a handful of these.

                                The built-in support for animated transitions is also nice. I haven’t got to using stores yet.

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                              I’ve been looking for an excuse to use https://github.com/google/oboe for a while now - but I knew I didn’t want to commit to making a polished Android app.

                              I might write a tutorial for how to use https://github.com/sevagh/pitch-detection on Android (and maybe performance comparisons of Oboe vs. the Java microphone SDK).

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                                At work: getting the first part of Wellcome’s policy tool running in staging (and with full scrapes), helping a colleague get publications from EuropePMC’s bulk download loaded into ES. Also trying to subvert my part of a dreaded, department wide “risk management training” meeting into a working session on SRE practices and planning. (I’ve been named the lead for the engineering group in it, with a fellow frontend colleague.) As a recovering grouchy American, I feel like if I succeed, it’ll be a real sign of having learned to make small, positive differences in the foreign culture of a medium-sized, science-oriented British organization.

                                Otherwise, getting ready for a 3.5 week trip to Rwanda starting EOW. It looks like I’ll bringing more to the marital homestead there than anticipated. Still scraping events in London from go (colly and chromedp, depending on the site). And hoping to catch at least one of the BBC Proms before I go.

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                                  Doing some working on a proof of concept for a decentralized time traveling package manager:


                                  The main idea is simplify Nix as much possible, change the config language to something based on python and thus remove as many barriers to use as possible from the major developer population.

                                  In preparation of bootstrapping coolpkg on linux, I have made this project:


                                  Which is a script to generate self contained static toolchains, in my case to “inject” it into the root of the dependency graph.

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                                    I think this week was the first time I rejected a job offer, and are about to reject another one to pursue another that’s less developed in the hopes of it being better. I’d like to stay Munich, but for that I have to get a job this week :/

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                                      I’m writing the design spec and measurement plan for the very first real experiment as part of my PhD research into RF power amplifiers! I have a blank document currently which is simultaneously exciting and bewildering.

                                      In personal time I’m reading about Learning Contracts and applying them to the learning necessary for my PhD and for personal development in a variety of areas ranging from embedded software development to creating my first training course. I’m using Malcom S. Knowles’ books Self Directed Learning and Using Learning Contracts as the main resources.

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                                        Staring at logfiles to try to repro/analyze/fix a bug that’s only showing up very rarely. Fun times.

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                                          $WORK: Have to finish up a small web service relay THING to take status data from a robot, condense it down to something that can fit over a low-bandwidth radio link, and send it on to a monitoring service over HTTP. I’ve been procrastinating on it because it’s not actually interesting or difficult, and now it’s to the point where it has to be delivered soon so I’d better get my butt in gear. Why do I do these things to myself?

                                          !$WORK: My current ill-considered project seems to be a small programming language to compile to SPIR-V shaders for running on a GPU. We’ll see how it goes.

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                                            Writing an instrinsic-based version of my gather/scatter benchmark spatter, and rewriting the GPU kernels.

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                                              Realised my third (oops) car is worth more than I expected, and as I’m not using it I should really get it sold whilst the weather is good. Tonight will be spent cleaning it off and photographing it for eBay I think. (’96 BMW 328i Cabrio.)

                                              As a heatwave has hit the UK this week, I’m also intending on getting back on the bike. My last ride was the start of June, and an epic (for me) 72 mile ride mostly solo. Picked up a niggly wrist injury from that and changing my office chair then exacerbated it. It seems to have gone away now (switched back to original office chair and haven’t cycled since) so I’m hoping I’ll be okay to get back on the bike.

                                              Also broke out my walking desk (treadmill with laptop/keyboard stand attached) in the garage and have spent the afternoon on that. Going to make an effort to spend half a day on this at work now I think, not really got an excuse not to and even if I only walk 3-4 miles a day, that’s an extra 15-20 miles a week I wouldn’t otherwise have walked. (It’s also reignited my “need” to get the treadmill hooked up to an ESP8266 or similar, so I can control it from my machine whilst I’m on it.)

                                              🤔 It’s almost like good weather makes me more active.

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                                                I’m profiling a VM at work. A lot of the Valgrind/perf tooling is hard to read when you have functions that call out to code that could be native (ie C) or managed because the names of the managed functions don’t make it into the profile and you just end up trying to optimize bytecode handlers.

                                                If anyone has tips for profiling and optimizing runtimes, please let me know.

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                                                  I’m taking a much-needed two-week vacation in Germany, visiting Hamburg and Berlin. If anyone has recommendations for what I should see and eat in both cities, I’m all ears.

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                                                    Back to work after two nice weeks off.

                                                    Which means 4+ hours commute for now (track works on my intercity line).