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    Exploit devs inconsolable.

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      Ooh, multi level undo.

      /me checks the calendar to see whether it really is 2021

      Yup. Starting to add some Emacs features from the 1980s. Perhaps by 2051 they’ll have Lisp scripting available ;-P

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        N.B. I recommend Flo’s Notepad2. It’s much smaller than Notepad++ and the installer lets you replace notepad.exe with it, so any program that tries to run notepad.exe instead runs this replacement.


        Line numbers, multi level undo, syntax highlighting and it’s faster than vanilla notepad.exe when editing really large files. My complaints are that it doesn’t do mutli-line block editing and doesn’t have AutoIt syntax highlighting built in.

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          Do line feeds work finally?

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            Anyone on windows not already using notepad++ does not care about having a decent notepad

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              Sometimes people need to do things on a non-dev environment without a better notepad though. None of my customers have notepad++ installed and I don’t permissions to install or even run new apps - so sometimes when I need to see a file, it’s notepad - and any improvement to it is very welcome.

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                Ouch, I feel for you then. Consider me corrected

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                I leave notepad open because some Windows apps still don’t have ‘paste as plain text’ options and so it’s useful to paste into notepad and then copy. Multi-level undo can be useful sometimes. I mostly use vim in WSL for text editing though, so I’m probably not representative of the wider Windows ecosystem.

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                  I leave notepad open because some Windows apps still don’t have ‘paste as plain text’ options

                  If this is your main motivation, Win+V allows you to do that globally. (Do note that I think you have to turn on Clipboard History, but it should prompt you if you do.)

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                    I use PureText for copying and pasting as plain text.

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                      Cant you paste unformatted text in vim?

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                      I’m a fan of notepad2 myself… Notepad++ is too much

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                      My first IDE ;)

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                        We’ll be on Windows 14 before they move the last option from the control panel to settings. I couldn’t care less about a new notepad app. Is it another bloated electron app?

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                          It is not an electron app. :-)