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    Nice and ranty, but really does contain some good points about how far the industry leaders have generally strayed from actual research driven UI ergonomics – we do have historical foundational research in this area, but it seems to be largely disregarded in favor of Fad Driven Design (FDD).

    In some ways it reminds me of fonts/type. Helvetica was such a breath of fresh air when it appeared on the scene, and eventually became ubiquitous. Then there was a time where it was almost passé to use it, because of its ubiquity. UI design seems to be in a faze of “change to avoid feeling passé”, with no little to no regard as to why a previous convention may have become ubiquitous in the first place.

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      I like your review, it echoes my thoughts in general. Gonna queue this up for tmrw.

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      About the pie menu, check this out. There also libinput gestures.

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        It’s a rant. It lacks substance beyond saying “this is stupid and ugly” about everything (I gave up half way, so sorry if it actually gets to the point later).