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      How is nyxt funded? Is it a labor of love by people who happen also to work for a commercial consultancy? Or do Atlas intend to profit from it somehow?

      One thing holding me back from adopting nyxt has been been the fear that it will be abandoned. Projects get abandoned all the time. It’s fine for something stable, or for something where I can easily replace. I wouldn’t want to use an unmaintained browser, though, and most of the appeal of nyxt is that I can sink a bunch of work into customizing it.

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        Nyxt is funded by grants from the European Union. We do plan on releasing (pending community support/acceptance), applications on top of Nyxt that we can sell. That is why we have the “applications” tab on our website.

        We will not purposely limit Nyxt in order to sell more applications. The platform is comitted to being open and completely hackable. You can think of applications as a strictly value-add proposition. For example, one of the applications we have in mind is a email client.

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          that is very reassuring! I will see about installing it.

          May I ask what the grant program is? Super cool that the EU funds stuff like this.

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            The grant program is titled “Next Generation Internet”, you can find out more about it online of course :-)

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        I contributed to the ‘1.4.0’ project at: https://www.indiegogo.com/individuals/19457518/campaigns

        Edit: ‘Nyxt’ was previously ‘Next’

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          Thank you :-) that was very kind!

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      Neat, I recall a similar feature in the Opera browser many years ago that was very useful.

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        A V O C A D O

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      deleted because double post, sorry