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    I am really struggling to keep my snark on a leash, primarily because releasing it would be unfair to the author, who came up with a really neat solution, not just in terms of design but also in terms of implementing it. Reading this whole blog post is incredibly cathartic, it has a paragraph that neatly lists every fuc single thing that’s fucking wron sub-optimal about fucki flat window decorations:

    I have big problem making distinctions between windows if they have dark theme and on top of each other. Window shadows are often dark as well, so the windows just kind of blend into each other and the shadows do not help much. Disable shadows altogether and you got windows that just disappear into each other. This can even happen with light themes, sometimes the shadows just are not enough.

    It’s one of the reasons why, back when I still used Linux, I didn’t use Breeze. Not the decorations, not the widget theme, either (widgets are a little more legible now, from what I can see in screenshots; I still wouldn’t use it, though, because they’re really humongous, Jesus…).

    Let’s give it a few more years. Maybe we can rediscover non-flat decorations by then and make desktops usable again. Sorry about the snark, this stuff really grinds my gears way more than it should :-(.