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    I think a measurement of Watt consumption would be more useful and provide a better idea about drain. As is, depends on batter size, age, etc.

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      I think the point of this exercise was to see how it looks on a standard device – so… whatever battery the PinePhone comes with, and not a very old one (judging by the looks of the curve, and assuming the underlying device doesn’t do any fancy adjustment in reported levels which I’m guessing it doesn’t).

      FWIW, while power (or, more commonly for battery-powered devices, current) measurements are obviously more useful for examining consumption, battery discharge curves are in fact a very useful data source, especially for consumer devices. They allow you to derive answers to questions like “will the user be able to answer an email if they have 10% battery left?” with less number-wrangling and less guessing about what happens at the end of the discharge curve than if you had to derive them from power consumption figures.

      (Although you generally need both if you want to make anything more than educated guesses. EE101 intros like to pretend you can mostly get one from the other but IRL it’s… not really like that. So I’d definitely love to see the power consumption profile for these things, too :-D.)

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        You’re right that it’d be useful. It’s very early days, though! I ran this little experiment to see what kind of a baseline I could expect from the dumbest possible power management strategy of “do nothing”.

        Once I have the userland doing something more interesting in a stable-ish way, I’ll be looking into the details more.