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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    I have no side project. No real hobby. I’m bored out of my mind. I feel burned out. Empty. I have no idea what I am doing this weekend and the worst part is that I don’t even feel like doing anything.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

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      So what? It’s okay to “do nothing”.

      The best ideas I’ve had always came from seemingly wasting time. Or even if nothing comes out of it. You rested. That’s the reason we have weekends!

      Take a walk. Call someone you haven’t talked to for a long while. Write a custom Hugo theme for your website. Binge/rewatch some show.

      Have a nice weekend!

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        I know that doing nothing is OK. But, I believe I am addicted to being busy. I believe many of us are. Maybe it is the stress. Or maybe it’s the hormone response of it. Maybe my mind and body is so used to being overloaded that when it isn’t, that excess energy is just flooding over. Maybe it’s the fact that having too much to do, makes it easy to not do the things that I don’t want to do. I can always prioritise other, more important, things. Whatever it is, I am addicted to it. But it’s over. For now. 12 years of stress and being overworked is coming to and end and this weekend seems to be the very first days of getting clean.

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        Have you considered sleeping in?

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          Let’s trade goods. I got some Swedish licorice from a guy I met through work, he works in Vasteras. Can’t find that good stuff here in the US. Before he left I gave him some locally made mustard, lol.

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            This hit home a little more than I thought it would.

            I hope you get a chance to relax, regardless.

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            I’m gonna do some writeups on how to set up IRC things on NixOS!

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              I am looking forward to that. I have tinkered with NixOS a bit in the past and thanks to your posts i learnd a lot more about how NixOS works and what i can do with it. :)

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              Just started a new Etsy shop for my leather working. Working on a few projects this weekend!


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                I’m editing and release a podcast episode about competitive coding and APL. It’s a strange combination of topics at first glance but it actually makes a lot of sense. Or so I hope.

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                  Excellent! Always look forward to new episodes. :)

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                  I’ve slowly been working on basement spring cleaning. I’m hoping to finish that up this weekend. I’ve started learning lock picking, and I find it to be a really relaxing hobby, so I’m also going to spend some time picking various locks.

                  On the HardenedBSD side, I’m hoping to fully flush out compiling all of the userland with Link-Time Optimization (LTO). I’ve been working extremely slowly on Cross-DSO CFI support in HardenedBSD, and I’m almost at a point where I can safely apply LTO to the entire userland. A fully LTO-ified userland is required for Cross-DSO CFI to function effectively.

                  I also haven’t talked with my mom’s side of the family for a while, so I plan to spend some time on the phone (perhaps while I clean the basement).

                  If the weather cooperates, I might take my dog out to Patapsco State Park and go on our first hike this year.

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                    I finally managed to complete updating my ebooks and send email to readers. Hope to start the next book soon and keep myself interested - this one is different in scope and likely to take rest of this year at least.

                    Recently started a mini-blog posts section on my site, hope to write one tomorrow. And then pick a book to read from never ending TBR - The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles and The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making sound interesting.

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                      Learning Haskell some more. :-)

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                        Very slowly working through bits of The Napkin. Attempting to set up a storage server in the basement. Trying to figure out how to focus on tasks and how to generally convince myself to do things.

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                          Hey, cool! I’m contemplating a storage server myself. I’m considering using an old 2007-ish Mac Pro I found on the sidewalk. (Was going to use it as a PC, then found out the motherboard screws were in a proprietary arrangement. I don’t really have the time for hardware stuff…)

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                          Going to watch more of the Programming with Categories lectures (Spivak & Milewski & Fong)

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                            I’m continuing to goof around with my D gui thing, now back to using user-defined annotations on structs to make semi-automatic uis.

                            This little code: http://arsdnet.net/dcw.d Creates this cute window: http://arsdnet.net/dcw.png

                            You can drag around and the widgets all update automatically. You can kinda see in the code how the draw function works kinda like an immediate mode gui, but it is all built on the retained widgets - it just reflects over the struct to connect the appropriate widgets and handlers.

                            I’ve gotta stop goofing off eventually since I’m scheduled to tag and release some time in June and still have some fundamentals that need fixing but this is really amusing me right now.

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                              • Replacing air conditioning compressor & drier on the car, ahead of a road trip starting on Thurs. (The system is de-gassed, so I can work on it. Then need to arrange someone gassing it up on Tues/Weds next week ahead of road trip. Sod going away for a week of ~1700 miles driving without Air Conditioning.)
                              • Sailing. Racing at the club on Sunday morning, foot is mostly recovered so should be able to survive a morning of racing. Be good to get back out on the water.
                              • Gardening. Got a flowerbed to clear (😭) and meadow to shear back into being a Lawn. All the power tools.
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                                https://github.com/alexellis/k3sup for my raspberry pis

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                                  Arbitrary paper read: Optimal Predator Risk Assessment by the Sonar Jamming Arctiine Moth Bertholdia trigona

                                  “Productivity”: I want a bidirectional synch tool for my Remarkable2, so likely 2% actually working and 98% yelling at build systems in vain until whiskey-o-clock. Hello “__atomic_load_8” my old friend..

                                  “That one bug”: I’m up to my 3rd dot exporting tool for trying to understand the single (ha) remaining issue with using X11 window managers to partially drive Arcan. Short story is that translating from the Xorg-scene to the scene graph format used in Arcan through the meta-WM does not give the same composition order for windows with a deeper hierarchy (decorations).

                                  When I’ve failed at all of the above: Re-reading Transmetropolitan

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                                    Let’s be honest go directly for the bald guy with mismatched glasses and his three eyed two head cats. Oh I need to read again Transmetropolitan (■__●)

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                                    I’m building a homebrew groceries/recipes software to track stuff in my pantry.

                                    I’m learning Lua and ncurses on the process and also remembering how much I love programming just for the fun of it!

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                                      I am going to be modding one of my guitar pedals! It’s not my first dive into soldering and electronics, but I’m excited because I’ve been growing more and more interested in audio circuitry, especially tube amplification and effects pedals. I’m hoping it all goes well and leads to a new hobby.

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                                        Im reading through https://github.com/google/zoekt to understand the code and try to refactor convoluted parts. Mostly to hone my Go skill as I don’t have much chance to use it at $day_job

                                        Also giving some code review over at https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitaly/ to improve some grpc performance.

                                        Finally, Im brain storming a talk about engineering productivity: how to leverage the e-commerce funnel model to think about productivity, conversation rate, signals noise etc …

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                                          I’m more or less studying reactive programming and incremental computing. I have the feeling that it can really make databases better. I should probably actually read the differential dataflow paper. I have the feeling that I will have hard time trying to understand it.

                                          I think I will start from here.

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                                            I’m closing a PR I opened on BetterTweetDeck that splits the retweet button into rt and qrt that’s been open for a while due to me not having very clear ideas on the UX, and if I have any coding left in me I’ll try to progress on the X11 OCaml bindings.

                                            I’ve sort of decided the bindings are gonna be my last big personal project of that kind, I want to focus on learning how to make music and games and other stuff in the future. I’m definitely gonna do some smaller things every now and then, but I already write code at work and I enjoy doing it, and I don’t want the rest of my life to also be about that. So I’m kind looking to be done with it and move on.

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                                              Completing some much-needed small parts vertical stotrage.

                                              Probalby also setting up OMV on an RPi to start the digital cleanup w/ some TIG longer-term data collection.

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                                                Rest in Peace…. Maybe. And continue to work on https://dnaya-org.github.io

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                                                  I am currently learning for my CCNA 1 certification. And if i have some spare time i might move my website to a different domain.

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                                                    I have a tool to help detect grids on battle maps (for virtual RPGs like D&D) and I recently added support for automatically detecting gridlines (previously the only option was clicking the intersections and it would use that).

                                                    I want to add support for detecting subpixel aligned grids. Right now it only considers integer results which can result in it missing the correct answer and return garbage.