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    This is delicious on so many levels! Truly lobste.rs worthy

    1. It deals with compilers
    2. It has the true hacker spirit: create arbitrary - but in a trippy way sensible - constraints, then throw a ton of ingenuity to solve it. Why? Because we put it there!
    3. It has humor in it. Like tons!
    4. It’s secretly subversive of the stuffy world of academia - skillfully threading the line between sublime and scandalous
    5. The paper, the compiler and the compiler’s product is in plain text!
    6. It is SO WELL WRITTEN! Even though he writes “This one may be a bit impenetrable for non computer scientists.” I disagree - anyone with patience can understand it. It starts almost from first principles and takes you gently to soaring heights.

    I regret I have only one upvote to give.

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      His other work is as good, if not better. He’s written NES AI (learnfun, playfun), turned 2D NES games into 3D worlds, computed every portmanteau, and even proved the undecidability of generalized kerning. His youtube channel has videos for these (and more insanity!). Also, he co-organizes SiGBOVIK, which celebrates all these “research” topics everyday around April 1st. It’s the only thing on the Internet around that time worth reading!

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      What a nice and ejoyable read! The project’s source can be found at http://tom7.org/abc