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    Just to give some context. I announced Neuron here a couple of times:

    This is third in the series of that announcements. Cerveau is the web frontend for Neuron + GitHub + your notes. This blog post also briefly goes over the tech stack used in the project. I wasn’t sure how detailed the post should be, but I can talk about anything specific if anybody is curious!

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      I am not sure about the definition of “future-proof” here.

      To me future proof notes means that it is highly likely I will be able to comfortably use them in the future, when the technological landscape has changed significantly.

      For that, I would prefer if the markdown files were named <date>-<title>.md Probably with spaces exchanged for underscores. So to create the one from 2020-09-03, one would do:

      vim 2020-09-03-Cerveau:_a_future-proof_web_app_for_notes.md

      This format will likely still be easy to use when the technologies involved (I see you mention Neuron, GitHub, Haskell, Javascript, Websockets …) are not in use anymore.

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        You can already create notes with that filename (except for the colon) in neuron. It expects your notes to be little more than a directory of .md files. Even regular Markdown links work, although users typically use [[..]] style links.

        The reason neuron uses random IDs by default is because, then you are not forced to think of a suitable slug when writing a new note. A note’s title may change in future, so could a slug. But of course, users can use whatever ID/filename they want - I do just that in https://alien-psychology.zettel.page/ / https://github.com/srid/alien-psychology

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          I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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        Looks very cool. I work on Notion; building a sync service to git/github is one of my top personal projects once the API comes out. The Haskell architecture looks very cool; I’ll certainly check out the sync logic when I start in on this myself :)