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    OpenDNS already does this… how is this service better?

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      And NortonDNS also. Competition is this area is nice.

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        Is running your own DNS server that hard?

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          Not every user on the Internet understands RFC1034 and family. Most do not even know what a DNS server is. They are the potential users for such services.

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            Weird argument there—someone who doesn’t know what a DNS server is, so this DNS service is for them?

            While running a program like bind would be a bit beyond most people, a DNS server that does nothing but resolve should be easy enough to install and run. The primary root servers are at well known addresses, and for resolving, there’s not much to configure for the simple DNS server itself. Okay, getting the computer to use the simple DNS server is an issue (DHCP? What’s that? /etc/resolv.conf? What’s that?) but that’s the only problem I can see.

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            Running your own DNS doesn’t help you stop malware