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    I was expecting a dog-themed joke CSS framework based on the name

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      I mean, everyone wants to make interfaces that look like a badly thought Google internal tool in beta phase using Material design. Why not do the same with Apple.

      Now seriously: Making your UI so it looks like made by another company is only useful for phishing. Definitely not useful for your own brand.

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        … and it doesn’t even look good.

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        The modal example made me stop and ponder. This makes it very easy to carry out phishing or tricking the user into believing the OS is doing the modal. Honestly, if a website I visited did this, I’d be quite angry.

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          I don’t like this all that much.

          The button components have drop shadows on the text, which I think looks quite bad - the text looks blurrier at first glance, and you can’t even immediately tell why. But then, the text shadows are not even centered - they are shifted down, implying a light source “above” the text. I don’t think this is used anywhere else, and it looks.. Off.

          The forms look very barebones, and I don’t think they have enough padding. They look cramped to me, and not very thought out. Actual iOS and macOS have labels, spacing, and other components that work well together. No such thing here.

          I don’t know. I think using established design guidelines is great, because I bet a lot of thought has been put into them. But this doesn’t seems like it draws all that much from design guidelines, and is very ad hoc.