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    Hi there,

    If you would like to discuss Redline Smalltalk or Smalltalk compilers in general I’d enjoy that - could you email object @ Redline.st ?

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      Anyone done anything with this? I was a Smalltalk guy in college. I heard of Redline about two years ago and tried to implement a plugin for my day job’s project using it, since our plugins can be written in anything that compiles to Java bytecode. I found the standard library woefully incomplete to the point that I couldn’t really even get started.

      The diff between the last commit before the current spurt of commits, in 2013, and present is inspiring. I hope it can go somewhere, because I’d love to be able to do ship some Smalltalk stuff in my JVM shop.

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        Hi there,

        Work has got in the way of my progress on Redline but I’m doing more of it every day. This re-write is much cleaner and more Smalltalk like.

        I’m pushing on and starting to write the kernel classes for the Smalltalk runtime. Then when this is complete I’ll re-work some of the tooling around this so you can for example simple include the Redline JAR in your projects and start working with Redline.

        Happy for people to help btw - simply email object @ redline.st

        • James.
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          Thanks for picking it up again. I’m very interested to see where you take it!

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        From a compiler / PL enthusiast perspective, Smalltalk seems really cool. I have the longer-term goal of writing an implementation eventually.

        I wonder if the type theory crowd has formalized the operational semantics for a Smalltalk-like language.

        Also, the domain name ‘redline.st’ is really cool.

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          In case anyone is interested in the history of Smalltalk, I thought this was interesting: