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I had never heard of Adept before, and have no idea if it actually meets its performance claims, but given the rising popularity of low-level, “systems programming” languages, it might be worth checking out.

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    looks like C with slightly different syntax, tbh. I mean, sure, it has defer like golang, but it’s also got manual memory management, null pointers, arbitrary casts, all of which make me not want to use it.

    EDIT: and that’s fine, a lot of stuff about C’s syntax is wonky, so I totally understand wanting to update it. But given the number of lower-level languages being developed now that tackle some of C’s thornier problems, it seems odd to stop at the syntax level, instead of going further and fixing some of C’s semantics issues

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      No kidding. It’s even got sprintf(), and presumably the buffer overflow hazards that go with it.

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        Yes, that’s pretty much the impression I had, but if you look at Tangent, which is a game developed in Adept, it does actually feel more like a lower level JavaScript. It has a scripting language feel to it.

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          yea, looking at that and it seems very, very golang-like. Which, again, fine if you like that. But “Looks like Go and (maybe) still has all of C’s security issues” isn’t something I’m super interested in trying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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        It looks like a wrapper for C that solves some of its problems, but, except for something, I think that It could be done with some macros.