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    When are people going to stop focusing on “small and cosmetic” and start focusing on functionality?

    I can hear well enough in a quiet environment talking 1 on 1….

    Put me in a noisy environment with multiple speakers…. I can sit between two people having an animated conversation and not understand either of them!

    I don’t care if I look like this guy… https://www.starwars.com/databank/lobot … just give me enough mic’s to do directional noise cancelling and the processing power to handle it.

    Incidentally, you know all the fancy schmancy up market expensive noise cancelling head phones you can buy from electronics stores?

    Ignore them.

    Go to your local hardware mega mart or whatever and get hearing protection that construction workers / air port workers use.

    Cheaper, way more effective, often have bluetooth input as well.

    It’s just sooooo quiet in there.

    So now I just need a bunch of mics and a bit of processing grrunt and a battery to run ’em all.

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      That’s pretty much what you get from the Tympan and the bonus board.

      Four mic inputs and a teensy that you can use to subtract back inputs from front.

      EDIT: Tympan is planning to have these headphones ready in a year with both forward and backward facing microphones, for exactly the use case you describe.

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        By the “bonus board” do you mean this thing? https://shop.tympan.org/products/aic-shield

        Hmm, I was hoping for more ggrunt on the CPU and operating environment.

        With the https://www.nxp.com/part/MK66FX1M0VMD18 you’d be battling the flash/ram/mips/os limitations at every corner.

        Hmm. Looking at the schematics and the BC127 datasheet… https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/hardware_specs_user_guides/airprime_bc127---product-technical-specification/#

        I wonder why the BC127 MIC_RN and MIC_LP are wired to the LOR/LOL which I thought were the audio Line Out to the shield?

        Hmm. Looks like the arm cpu has usb, but I can’t tell whether the tympan supports usb data or just power.

        I’d love to use a smart phone like a purism 5 as the controlling UI, I guess I could use the SPP profile on the BC127… but my experience with bluetooth and spp is that it all just hurts.

        The tympan rev D claims …

        Additional Pins Broken Out

        • I2S bus for additional CODEC
        • SPI bus
        • UART (TX/RX)
        • I2C bus

        but I couldn’t see where the uart goes (except to the BC127)

        Still an interesting project, not sure it is quite what I want, but close.

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          Ooo…. some of my whinges have gone away… https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy40.html

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            Wow, that is a powerful board for that size!

            I’m still assembling stuff for part 2 of this post, but the most interesting thing I’ve learned so far is that floating point math is twice the power cost of fixed point math!

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              Now you mention it… I’m not surprised…. Floating point math chews either lots of cycles or lots of gates.