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      I really like this! I pasted in a completely off the wall code: a CWL document. CWL is basically YAML (or equivalent JSON ughh). I have YAML syntax checking on, and it’s ok, but very predictable. This highlighter, via the use of multiple colors is quite good at making different text close by stick out. At least on the webpage the highlighting was pretty good!

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        Excellent choice of license, too.

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      Something from couple of years ago: https://medium.com/p/3a6db2743a1e/

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      This could be useful to help catch basic typos. For example the fields in if this.Latitude == that.Longitude will be coloured differently.

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        Wouldn’t it be something a sane type system could take care of?

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      I did something similar years ago for SQL that had many literal guids in it. I’m looking forward to trying this out on some real code!