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    An approximated summary based on titles of video segments [?], for people who don’t want/can’t watch the video now:

    • “Language spec”
    • “Self-hosted compiler”
    • “[Merging & discussing PRs and helping people get unstuck - good PRs can also influence our priorities]”
    • “LLVM [got a new] release[, we need to rebase/update]”
    • “Official package manager”
    • “Zig (Bug) Stability Program”

    then the video proceeds to a Q&A apparently taking ~30min of the ~50min video, so there might be some notable content there too.

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      I guess one of the coolest features of Zig promised for 0.7.0 falls under the “Self-hosted compiler” point.

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        Given that LLVM 12 is coming out soon and that Zig ties the latest stable release to latest stable LLVM, 0.8.0 will come out without enough progress on self-hosted to make it viable for everyday use (so it will continue to stay behind a flag). Nothing changes in terms of actual timeline, just that it will have to be a different release number compared to the original prediction, the ETA is still sometime in 2021.

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      Congrats to everyone on this small and mighty team that has advanced Zig to this point! It’s very exciting to see certain areas of the overall ecosystem maturing and getting stronger, while still maintaining essential Zig-ness.

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        Thanks, turns out that with a set of good principles, a welcoming community and some money to pay core contributors, a project can achieve a lot in very little time!