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    I really like the presentation of this. Short little useful quips. I think it speaks volumes to the thankless society we live in.

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      Reasoning over a small portion of the original post “Some people find it very difficult to articulate what they want. It’s worth being patient and finding out what they need”, maybe it’s not that the society as such is thankless rather than that a significant number of its members are not understanding the importance of the good and clear communication when it comes to a FOSS project, or simply prefer to take on a slightly passive approach in which no news is a good news, i.e., if we don’t contact you it means that it is all good :)

      Also, maybe a lot of people just don’t read enough. The more people have read the above or similar to the above post, the better they might have understood what difference the good communication and feedback may contribute to a FOSS project.

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        Definitely. It manages to touch on way more issues around this theme than any 1000-word think piece I’ve seen recently.