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After some good work, I’m happy to announce a new release of my little feed reader :-)


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    Thanks. I might have a use case for it ;-)

    Do you think output into maildir (instead local mail delivery) would be a worthwhile feature? E.g.:

    crossbow-maildir ~/Mail
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      The feature you need is already there, in a sense.

      The idea with crossbow is to handle feed updates by means of a specialized program. The local mail delivery is a side effect of the fact that the periodic refreshing of feeds (via crossbow-fetch) is meant to be triggered by a cronjob, but it is not a strict requirement. And if the crossbow-fetch invocation does not produce output, there won’t be any local mail at all :-)

      A thing you can do, in order to satisfy your needs, is to write a little script, let’s call it “crossbow-maildir”, why not :-), whose synopsis could be:

      crossbow-maildir -s MAIL_SUBJECT [-l URL]

      The script would add some content to ~/Mail. If a URL is provided by the -l flag, the script will obtain the content by invoking curl on the given URL. If no URL is provided, the script reads the content from stdin.

      This hypothetical script, which is probably easy to write, can be integrated with crossbow:

      If the feed you want to subscribe will carry the whole content as a description you can pipe it directly into the crossbow-maildir script:

      crossbow set -i FEED_ID -u FEED_URL \
          -o pipe -f 'crossbow-maildir -s %t'

      If the feed does not provide the content, you can use the -l flag of the crossbow-maildir script:

      crossbow set -i FEED_ID -u FEED_URL \
          -o subproc -f 'crossbow-maildir -s %t -l %l'

      A set of generic scripts tackling different needs could be written. I don’t have anything like that for the moment (except for a couple of portable scripts in the crossbow-cookbook(7) man page). If you get to write such a script, consider sharing it: it could be valuable for others having your same desires, and it might be nice to create a collection.

      EDIT – I realized now that what I described is probably exactly what you mean :-P I apologize. Then yes, it would totally be worthwhile.

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        Thanks a lot for the detailed description!

        I’m really impressed how flexible the tool is.

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          My pleasure. Feel free to reach me with any feedback, especially defects or typos in the manpages. I recently pushed some patches on the devel branch, to tackle some minor annoyances, btw. L